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Posté: 2021-05-14 16:06:48

It’s absolutely perfect! It fits me amazingly and i love the way it looks!!

Posté: 2021-05-14 14:40:50

Bought this in lilac and was very impressed with the quality, it was much better than expected. The seams are good, the length is quite long and the fabric is quite acceptable. Its not a real linen naturally, but is a fun dress for sure. The chemise is not as natural of a fabric as I would prefer, but I got this to be a cheap easy option, and it is what it is. The dress came VERY nicely, it was in a reusable garment back which earned at least an entire star all on its own. The lacing gives 'wiggle' room, but I followed the sizing chart and found it accurate, the sleeves are still a good fit. Hemming will be necessary on both garments, I'm 5' 3" and have at least 6 inches of excess material, so be ready for that.

Posté: 2021-05-14 12:32:18

Great cosplay! Very comfortable! - RezzaCosplay on Instagram

Posté: 2021-05-14 10:52:19

Overall: amazing quality. I mean, I’d sure hope so with this price! LMAO but yeah it’s pretty good quality. Here are the details: The reviews are correct with the top being smaller than anticipated. I’m a 32B, got a medium, and the sides of my ladies are just like.. hangin out! I have to grab them and pull them in closer. That does help them pop out more, but at what cost lol— surprised that even the top wasn’t wide enough for me, I feel like I’m not the biggest in size up there. The bottom is also somewhat small on the bottom area near your behind. Might be because I have a phatty tho! Idk if I’d recommend sizing up, because I believe they made these parts small on purpose, to get you to look popping. It might be too loose if you size up. But go for it! The skirt thing is of amazing quality, and is awesome. The only issue is that it’s somewhat big on me. I get it’s supposed to have the flowy look so I suppose it has to be a bit larger. So that’s fine.

Posté: 2021-05-14 09:51:30

Amazing!! it perfect the sizing was correct, the material is super good for the price and I've had so much fun with this costume. (Got a photo shoot lined up for the summer time)

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