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* Il tempo di trasporto (escluso il tempo di elaborazione) è stimato alla cassa in base alla destinazione e al mezzo di trasporto.

Offriamo costumi cosplay italiani, parrucche e accessori culturali di alta qualità "Anime, Manga e Giochi". Ci impegniamo inoltre a fornire ai nostri clienti la migliore esperienza di acquisto online.

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Posted: 2024-06-22 03:35:09

The costume arrived damaged. The decoration on the shoulder is half torn off. I can no longer wear it and I paid extra for the expensive express shipping. I am disappointed.

Posted: 2024-06-21 19:16:49

Another day of trying to get the website to please proceed with my order. Denise on the support team has me so confused I feel like I am dealing with a scam. All I'm asking is for my order to be done put through but I keep getting emails from the support that isn't that. All I want is them to take my order but for some reason I get a response that says "we can't proceed with your order unless the decision is unanimous" as I beg them to do it. Right now this feels like a scam. Buyers beware

Posted: 2024-06-21 18:43:36

Gorgeous suit overall! I ended up buying this in a stock size after another company canceled my custom order. This one fits great (aside from hemming the arms and legs - I'm short), and I only have to do those minor alterations, then weather it. I can't wait to wear this to DragonCon!

Posted: 2024-06-21 12:59:47

I love this cosplay! The delivery was speedy and came within less than two weeks! The skirt is a bit stretchy around the waistband for a better fit and comes with a zipper. The clothes are shiny and iridescent, but comfortable inside. The bows are also shiny and high quality. Overall, It’s a very good cosplay for a cheap price! Thank you!!!

Posted: 2024-06-21 00:00:00

I love the product, it\'s comfortable, stylish and lightweight. Either way though, I love it and would absolutely order another. Great value for the price!