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Posted: 2020-08-14 11:08:51

This costume arrived a few days ago and I absolutely love it. The material is very soft and it feels warm, I could wear it as actual pajamas if I wanted to. It fits very nicely (I measured myself to make sure I got the right size). Very much a worthy buy

Posted: 2020-07-24 00:00:00

仙台の花火大会を見にこのドレスを買いました。 でも今年はコロナのため、行けなくて残念です。 しかし、ワンピースは可愛いだ。

Posted: 2020-08-14 00:00:00

私はこのドレスがとても好きで、かわいいです。 胸元は輝点で、気を付けないとセクシーでキュートです。

Posted: 2020-08-11 00:00:00

服の素材もとても良く、細部までこだわっています。 とてもセクシーでかわいい服。

Posted: 2020-08-13 13:47:11

I got this for really just the jacket, but the only place that sold it in its own was hot topic, and that looked like a hot mess so I got this instead of the male version since it was cheaper. I've never bought an outfit online like this, but I'm super happy with it! It came earlier than I expected it to, which was really nice. The tie isn't an actual tie, but a zipper! Like, the part around the neck and the 'leftover' part of a regular tie is a strip of fabric with teeth on it, and the front of the tie itself it attached to the zipper tab part that moves up and down. It's really super neat and an awesome design I wouldntve expected! The knot of the tie also has the little pinhead Uraraka has in her tie, which really sends home that this is intended as specifically an Uraraka cosplay, lmao. I don't think that little thing would be hard to remove if you wanted to, but I haven't tried. The white undershirt is really surprisingly cool. Out of the packaging and holding it up, it's heavy and silky and thin, also a little see through-looking, but once you put it on it's surprisingly solid and not see through! That was awesome. The collar of the shirt is really nice and sturdy and will keep it's shape standing up, which I can't say about my other button-ups lmao. The shirt doesn't have the green shoulder strips with buttons on them like the summer uniform, because it really is just an undershirt so the strips are on the blazer instead. The only qualm I have with the undershirt is the length of it-- it's a little short, so when I had it tucked into the skirt and lifted my arms straight up, the sides popped out a little. It's an easy fix, and I doubt many people do that casually anyway, so it's not a real problem. The white shirt also doesn't keep the folds/creases from shipping as hard as the skirt and jacket, probably due to the silky fabric! I'll have to iron the other pieces, but the shirt will be just fine. Ah-- and the buttons! They're sewed on sturdily like your average button-up shirt, not like the flimsier plastic ones that look like mini ring pops you usually see on costumes like this. The skirt! I've never worn a pleated skirt before, and it gives a fantastic illusion that I have hips. The creases from shipping are stark, but a quick iron will fix that. The waistband also has a section if elastic, so it's nice and stretchy enough to get on comfortably, and wear if you have a bigger tummy! The zipper is small, flimsy-looking, and gets a tiny bit caught easily, but it's the same quality as the zippers on my mom's skirts, so it's nothing big. The jacket!!! Now this predictably does have the flimsy looking ring pop costume buttons, but that's expected as the buttons are plastic and decorative. and I just had to check, and I'm disappointed to announce the pockets are not real :(. Tge jacket as a whole is pretty nice, and it has a lining like normal blazers, but it's so creased!! There's a possibility you'll have to iron it regularly with use, because the part between your armpit and the lapel get all folded up when you wear it. The green strips are super nice-looking, though. That's all I can think of to say on it! Overall I'm really delighted with this. I'm so excited to use it for cosplay!!! I just really wish larger sizes were available. Big people deserve access to this quality costume too!