What Did Our Customers Say?
"I like how the bias are sewed on neatly. There is something special about the design of the skirt, it has an elastic band at one side of it. I guess this is a feature to help the skirt fit different users as much as it can. It's a pretty cool design if you are afraid the skirt won't fit you. Though for me, the elastic just kept slipping up, making the short skirt even scandalously shorter.",more details at http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.com
Sweet Angel
Cosplayer:Sweet Angel
"The sellers are so good, they reply quickly and with kindness. The costume is very good: the seams are well made. The pack contains: Jacket, coat, skirt, tie, stocking, headwear Unfortunately the skirt was very long and large for me (i made it shorter); the socks was very short (i asked to MicCostumes to make them knee-high..) so i had to cut them and put into a pair of boots; the shirt is too tight at the chest",more details at cosplay.com
Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay
Devianrart: http://eva-no-jutsu.deviantart.com/
"I am giving this cosplay, my very first to be sponsored by a company!, a grade of A-. It would have been an A+ if the shirt wasn't a strange fit on me. Usually a costume would get a B from me for that, but the fit was easily fixed by wearing a better bra and a few safety pins, and now that I have time just a little bit of stitching will so fix it up! I mean, when everything else fit so great, a little thing like that is no big deal at all! Im so pleased with the outfit, the service, and everything else that I would recomend them and order from them again",more details at cosplay.com
Re Zero Starting Life in Another World Rem Swimsuit Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-26 02:57:57 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Das Cosplay sitzt gut. Rock passt perfekt❤ Kann es nur weiter empfehlen
Digital Monster Digimon Agumon Cute Coat Outfit Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-26 02:40:15 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Eine ganz tolle Jacke. habe L bestellt, das war an sich richtig.
My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Deku Hero Magazine Style Jacket Daily Cotton Uniform Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-25 06:16:03 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
超いいね! ! ! バックパックの飾りも特に可愛いです!しっかりパッケージされて、配達速度も非常に速いです。大変満足しております。ありがとうございました。
My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Deku Hero Magazine Daily Uniform Suit Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-25 05:59:41 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
直ぐに届きました!! 対応も早く、また衣装のクオリティも高かったので大変満足しております。 着心地がよろしいです!おしゃれで大好き!!!
New Danganronpa V3 Kokichi Oma School Uniform Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-25 05:46:31 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
色もデザインも気に入って購入しました。 つくりもきちんとしています。期待以上の品物でした。大好き!
Overwatch Mercy Angela Ziegler Pink Dress Cosplay Costume Including Headdress and Stockings
Posted: 2019-04-25 02:15:55 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
After waiting for a long time, I finally received the dress. I just want to say that it is worth waiting. It is very cute and the quality of this one is amazing, I could not wait to wear it at my con!!!
Steins Gate 0 Kurisu Makise Bunny Girl Patent Leather Jumpsuit Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-25 02:02:16 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Materials, workmanship, and layout are very good, the only thing is that I don't like the tail a little bit, so I made some adjustments by myself. Overall, this item is worth five star.
My Hero Academia Eijiro Kirishima Weekly Magazine Style Hooded Jacket Coat Cosplay Hoodie Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-25 01:40:13 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I bought this one for My Hero Academia event, and honestly the quality of the product seems a lot better than what is offered from other services. The quality is as good as ever before. I'll definitely buy other costumes.
League of Legends Pop Star Girls Ahri Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-24 21:05:40 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
the price for the quality is such a steal, you get everything in the picture (except the tail of course) Fits me perfectly except for the stockings (i got my cosplay in a Medium) I have thunder thighs so it was a little difficult to put it on but it kinda fits, just a little tight. This is probably my favorite purchases from Miccostumes yet, their quality game is on point!! The shipping wasn't so bad either!
Vocaloid Miku Mint Brownie Fashion Lolita Dress Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-23 23:55:25 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Size = L Height = ~5'8 / 172cm Weight = 136lbs / 61.6kg Bust = 30.25in Hips = 36in Inner leg/seam length = 27.75in/70.5cm This was an incredibly cute cosplay to do! In my photos, the only main issue is my wig but that was due to weather (humid, rain, etc), but the rest of the outfit was very cute. I'm still waiting on photos of the back side for details on bow. The back bow is VERY heavy, I wasn't sure how to fasten it without fear of severely tugging on the skirt (or tube top). In the end I attached it to the $17 petticoat I had from Amazon, and that seemed to work. Using a hand-held steamer to get rid of the initial wrinkles did the trick, and everything was very comfortable to put on. I will note that I am a trans guy and don't have any breasts to fill the tube top at all, but the see-through attachable spaghetti straps did the trick to keep it up! It was very roomy, I think a 32B can fit comfortably ^^;; might work for larger chests but I wouldn't know. I used fashion tape to keep the white frills up. The tights that came in were EXTREMELY short, as if they were meant for my 5'1 friend. Initially I managed to pull them up all the way, after lots of careful pulling and adjusting, but trying to bend my knees make one of the green sequences come off. They do include extras! But still, I found it much more comfortable to get a pack of pastel tights for this. For hair accessories, I ended up tucking int he brown square on one of them since it seemed out of place for me. One of the white roses also fell off its metal pins, but you can hot-glue that back on (or buy a white rose hairpin online like I did). This was my first time cosplaying and it was just super fun to have such a frilly dress. Another friend is heavily into lolita fashion and was dressed up as such; I was always asked to be in the photo with her because how well it blended with sweet light lolita fashion. :) If possible, I'd give this a 4.5, but there's just the flaw of the tights and the confusing back bow. If you're willing to pick up a pair of $8 tights + $15 petticoat (no need for super fancy), then 100% get this! :D
My Hero Academia Cheer Uniform Cheerleaders Cosplay Costume Dress with Cheerleading Poms
Posted: 2019-04-23 08:16:40 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Bought this in an L/XL and I’m a size uk 14 and this fits perfectly! It’s super light material and it’s quite thick; only thing is the skirt is very short but the costume comes with shorts to put under the skirt which helps with this.
Fullmetal Alchemist Envy Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-22 21:17:26 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
I really loved this costume, it's a very soft costume and looks just like the picture. However, you need to really size up. I am a medium in US sizes and what I bought was large, should have gotten an extra large. It was slightly too small for me. Other than that it looks just like the pictures of the model.
Fate/Grand Order FGO Black Alter Jeanne Purple Swimsuit Bikini Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-22 18:35:20 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
Absolutely amazing! I'm so excited to wear this to the beach!!!
Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Kinomoto Pink Dress Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-22 17:08:56 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
This cosplay is really incredible ! Nice measurements, nice facture, the color is also beautiful !! I'm so glad, I recommend it to everyone !!
New Danganronpa V3 Kokichi Oma School Uniform Cosplay Costume
Posted: 2019-04-21 12:15:22 Reviewer: from Rating: 
5 Stars
The costume looks nice, fits fairly well, but it's ridiculous how poorly the details are attached. The buttons and chains are loosely sewn on, and the arm detail seems to be shoddily glued on. Mine also did not include the buckles on the sides of the strips hanging off the legs. In the short time I've owned this costume, I've had to resew 2 of the buttons on the front of the jacket, both buttons on the back, the chain on the back, the button to close the pants together, and 2 snaps. I've also completely lost a button and a piece of the symbol on the arm that must have fallen off at a convention. This is the second time I've had issues with lazily-attached buttons at MicCostumes, and I'm honestly disappointed because I've received good products from them in the past.