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Posted: 2018-12-11 09:05:00

I ordered both the wig and the dress and was very happy! Would've given the entire package 5 stars but my dress was missing a very small part of metal on the bottom to help form the dress which made it a little floppy/flimsy. Nothing too major though! Also, my only other complaint is that the wig is kind of thin and needed a lot of styling to be done. Otherwise, everything fit great and the overall quality was good!

Posted: 2018-12-10 21:23:42

I am 5'10, 36-30-38, and I ordered a women's XL. I should've possibly gone with 1 size down. The top and pants were baggy and the pants were a bit long, but I was able to tailor it easily. The material is very soft and comfy to wear. Definitely will be wearing on my chill con days. lol. FB: @cosplaycassiepage or IG: @cosplaycassie

Posted: 2018-12-10 21:09:49

The cosplay itself is very nice. Everything is sewn neatly, and I didn't see any loose threads or uneven stitching. The skirt is made well, and the sailor shirt is about standard quality. The shirt's collar is good, which considering it's the only part that shows, is fine. The sweater I absolutely love. It is made of a soft material that feels pretty durable, and it has actual pockets! I might end up wearing it outside of cosplay with how nice it is. The socks are pretty standard, they stay up and aren't just cheap thin nylon. The waist band is adjustable which is great, but the rectangle things are just okay. They're movable which is handy, but the pattern isn't as obvious as it should be. The thigh pieces are okay, but I'm going to have to adjust them because they're too big for me even with the tightest the straps can go. The teeth scarf thing is nice and has great structure. The mask has two straps, and is fitted to the face and comfortable. The cosplay as a whole is very nice and I definitely recommend it for Toga! However, I'm a bit upset because I ordered a medium and received a small. I do fit in a small, but I ordered a medium since I am 5'9" and was worried about the skirt and sweater being too short. The sweater is fine, but I was right about the skirt. It's not wearable in public unless I wear shorts underneath it(due to my height, if you are shorter you'll probably be fine). I'm not going to send the cosplay back since everything still fits me with the exception of the skirt length, but it is disappointing that I was not given the size I asked for. I got the cosplay on sale, but if I had paid full price I probably would've returned it. overall great and is true to the pics, just be wary on them sending the wrong size.

Posted: 2018-12-09 20:31:31

I ordered mine on Oct 6 and received Dec 9, but it was in their New Arrivals at the time which usually take longer to receive. I ordered an XL because of my height (5'10) and I was pleasantly surprised that the suit fit me perfectly! Very comfortable lycra spandex material. The stockings/feet were very nice and soft, also not awkward to move in with the frog feet, however they do slide down a bit since its spandex on spandex. The harness and belt fits pretty well, I will have to make minor adjustments to make them more snug. My least favorite part is the gloves; they are too chunky for my taste, so I will be swapping that part. The bracelet part was fine though; squishy but the thickness is good. I just tried on what came with this costume for now, but I still need a wig, googles, and attach shoes. I will share more pictures in the future. Feel free to contact me on FB: @cosplaycassiepage or IG: @cosplaycassie if you have questions regarding this costume.

Posted: 2018-12-09 19:38:25

The cosplay is well made and the price is amazing for such a complex outfit. I am really happy with the purchase.

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