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Posted: 2018-11-13 14:12:17

How could I wash the top of the suit.....it has realy good materials but i dont know ow to wash it without damaging the yellow part

Posted: 2018-11-11 17:13:06

Super high quality! I am absolutely in love with this costume. It is probably the best cosplay purchase I have ever made. I have been cosplaying for seven years and I can definitely say this is the best cosplay I have ever owned. The dress is almost a velvet and the stitching is beautiful!

Posted: 2018-11-11 09:00:14

I bought this costume and I'm really satisfied about the quality! The shipping was fast and all the pieces were seal up one by one. The size respected the size chart, I ordered the S size. I raccommend to buy this costume in this store!

Posted: 2018-11-10 05:10:55

I received my cosplay right on time (even earlier if I remember correctly.) I'm by no means a large woman- but I do recall ordering an XL just to make sure that all the sizing was A-okay (due to this website being an asian website, and how I enjoy my clothes to be a little on the baggy side anyhow...) The skirt and Jumper fit perfectly! The tie and socks were super cute- but did tend to fall down a little bit (I kept them up with elastics and they functioned fine) With ordering double my size, I did anticipate the shirt to be a problem- it was rather long and unkempt on me- but a simple white collared shirt isn't that hard to come across. Overall, I had not that much trouble with my costume, the wig was even better- and looked super cute.

Posted: 2018-11-08 13:46:56

I actually had a question on this product but was unsure of how to ask. Would this fit a female or is it really large? Thank you

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