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Co powiedzieli nasi klienci?

Posted: 2021-01-21 12:27:25

Der Stoff ist sehr gut verarbeitet worden. Das Cosplay kam pünktlich an. Da es Leider am Rücken und an der Hüfte etwas eng ist, gibt es einen minus punkt. Aber trotzdem bin ich sehr zufrieden.

Posted: 2021-01-21 03:15:15

I love this cosplay! It fits really well, and is good quality, The skirt is a little small but that's not a big deal, as I still got it on, The vest is a little bit big but that's fine, The jacket has real pockets so thats cool! You can also close the jacket with the buttons, The white button up shirt fits my bust which I'm happy about cause allot of white button up shirts usually gap ALLOT, but this one doesn't, probably because I got an XL, The tie is fine, the leggings/pantyhose are fine as well, They look extremely small when they're not on anyone, so I was surprised that they fit, It comes with Bunny ears which is cute! Everything seems to be sewn well which is nice. I ordered this on January 6th and got it on January 20th. It's a really good cosplay for the price! I got an XL and my bust, If I remember right is around 38-39 inches, the shirts and jacket are a bit big and the skirt and pantyhose fit a little small

Posted: 2021-01-21 01:52:14

Its perfect, it came in 4 days after ordering it!

Posted: 2021-01-21 00:42:55

The top and skirt fits me perfectly and they look very great, however the fur makes it a bit hard to move my arms, but it isn't such trouble! The sleeves are slightly tight but still wearable and looks very pretty! The gold details are really pretty too! For the jewelries, sadly one of the 3 necklaces is too tight (the choker one), and I received one bracelet which wasn't in the description but was a great surprise! Wished I had the second one like Evelynn has! The earrings are really beautiful too no complaint about them! The claws are adjustable and have amazing designs on them! For the tails, it is really hard to shape them and the gold part looks kinda wonky/wrinkly, and mine came in slightly damaged at some parts, also wished they added a second velcro on each tails, just one on one side makes it hard to keep it in place! But in general, I am satisfied with this cosplay! Will just need few easy fixes but at the price it was and everything it included it was a really good deal!

Posted: 2021-01-20 23:54:35

Quick delivery very happy with product and arrived sooner than expected