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1.About Us

Things You Need to Know About Cosplay

Origin: Nobuyuki Takahashi, a member in the executive committee of Tokyo International Anime Fair and also the head of cheering of the Japan Animation Creators Association, attended the Los Angeles Science Fiction Worldcon in 1984. He was deeply impressed by the decor of the hall and people with fantastic costumes. It's exactly this trip that makes him coin the word of "Cosplay"!


Cosplay, a compound word between costume and play, reflects a common method of abbreviation in Japan. The first two moras of a pair of words are combined to form an independent compound.It refers to a kind of performance art. People put on specific costumes and accessories to look the same with a certain character or idea. Roles are often fictional, coming from popular Japanese anime, fiction and also American cartoons, movies, video games and sci-fi. And to be honest, any entity from the real or virtual world can be chosen as a subject. On a cosplay show, imaginary objects are given touchable forms. It's nothing unusual to see genders switched there. Women wear clothes for men and play male characters and vice versa.


Why do people do cosplay? A common interpretation for cosplay goes like this: people desire to mimic their favorite characters as a stage actor inhabits a role. However, costumes for cosplay do have differences with Halloween and Mardi Gras wear.They can be worn in any particular holiday and also serve for different goals. Some of them are attractive or revealing, centered around sex appeal. But in most cases, cosplay costumes are expected to meticulously adhere to attires that are worn by the character represented. Cosplayers can buy or make costumes personally. If DIY, they can always educate themselves in some specialities such as sculpture, face paint, fashion design etc.


The first cosplayer comes from Japan (this is undoubtedly reasonable :D). He is an otaku - a devotee for Japanese comic books/manga. During the initial stage, cosplayers found clubs with like-minded friends. They frequently gather in nightclubs or amusement parks. With the climbing popularity, cosplay cafes almost become a culture symbol for Japan since 1998. This type of performance art is also well accepted by people in Western and Asian countries. The large-scaled San Diego Comic-Con in California, London MCM Expo in UK, Biennial Doujin event in Taiwan, etc greatly boost the reputation of cosplay. At present, cosplay is absolutely an art known by people across the globe! Because of following simpler rules, it wins affection from people in different age groups.


What Does Serve?

Here is a dealer, offering you cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, weapons, Lolita clothes, zentai suits and mascot costumes. Yes, almost any cosplay-related item can be found here. We serve for a great resource where you can keep up with the latest information in the cosplay world and also get the hottest costumes and any other cosplay accessory. Deluxe quality, fast shipping, sincere and fast service, yet affordable prices are four major aims embraced by us.

We run a costumes factory, which definitely enable us to customize any costume for each customer and ideally cater to all of your requirements. Here, a professional designing, manufacturing and marketing team has been engaged in the cosplay field for years. Once you have a cosplay dream, don't feel hesitant and contact us at once. Always will we spare no efforts to delight you!

2. Shopping at

First, welcome to Here, any cosplay dream will be realized, without asking you to break the wallet. Here, you can make stunning transformations on your appearance to surprise your spouse. Here, you can see many stunning cosplay works with costumes offered by us and contact with many other excellent cosplayers. Here, you will undoubtedlyhave a joyful shopping journey due to warm service offered by us.

What Do We Provide?



Cosplay Costumes:

128 categories of costumes, elaborately made to be extremely faithful to the anime or movie styles are offered here, are listed from the A to W series. Pretty banners above this rich collection show you the best-selling costumes at our site, including Naruto Costumes, Bleach Costumes, Pokemon costumes, Haruhi Suzumiya costumes and Sailor Moon costumes at present.



New Arrival Costumes:

Costumes that are finished in our factory will be uploaded to this category instantly, with models wearing these costumes. You will keep updated with the current cosplay trends here.

Discount & Same Day Shipping:

Costumes shown here can be chosen on size S, M, L, XL, without Custom-Made size. But each of them will be shipped out in 24hrs and arrive at your place in 3-5 days. Big discount (15% off at present) is promised.

Cosplay Wigs:

A rich collection of popular wigs greatly enrich your cosplay performance!


Cosplay Shoes & Boots:

Being faithful to the anime or movie styles and feeling incredibly comfortable, they are cosplay boots shown here.



Cosplay Weapons:

Japanese swords, Ninja weapons and many other anime weapons are offered here.More items will be continually updated.


Mascot Costumes:

19 categories of cute, awkward or fantastic mascot costumes are listed here. Each of them is ventilated, bringing you really desired comfort.

Lolita Clothes:

Made from deluxe cotton, they help you complete the long-awaited princess-like look!

Catsuits & Zentai:

To surprise your spouse or to make you an eye-catching hit on a show, start a hunt here, among unicolor, multicolor, super hero suits and many other 2011 new styles.


Find the Item You Want:

We make a clear classification of our products and name them strictly. Take a cosplay costume for an example. Its name is composed of three parts: anime name + character name or title + cosplay costume. So you can find your favorite item quickly if following the navigation bars or directly search it by one or several keywords in the search bar. If a costume you are interested yet unavailable on our site,just contact us by phone (213-784-0966) or email ( A quick reply is promised anytime.


Choose the Size, Quantity and then Add to Cart: in many cases, size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made can be chosen. A"how to measure" and a "size chart" tables are shared if necessary. Another $15.00 is charged on a customized order.

Check Out:

It depends on you whether to register or not while shopping at You can see detailed information of your order while checking out. Payment methods of Paypal and Credit Card are both supported. Finally, choose Free Gifts^-^.

Shipping & Return:

Sizes from S to XL are for choosing. If not being customized, your costume can be shipped out in 48 hrs in most cases. An easy returning policy is embraced. So you can return your order in 3 days for a refund. For cases in which return is disallowed, click here.



20 of frequently asked questions about our company, contact way, costume, your order, etc are seen here and we will continue to update these questions.


Functions Helping You Better Understand Our Service


Excellent cosplayers' pictures and our customers' photos will be shared here. On the side, you can see their costumes, wigs or any other item offered at our site. You only need to take photos with costumes or wigs purchased from us worn. Then you will get a 5% refund on your order payment and also a 10% discount on your next order at

Lucky Draw:

Customer take pictures or a video with item bought from us worn and share the picture or video on our gallery, Facebook, Twitter, or any other site you have. Then, tell us the URL. In this case, you will join in the lucky draw campaign. 3 winners will be randomly selected via on 15th of each month. Winners will get their order payment refunded.



Videos offered by our customers are shared here. Besides, excellent cosplay works, tutorials on how to make a cosplay costume, hairstyle, makeup, etc can be seen here. Likewise, related products are listed on one side for being checked out.Here, you may get crucial inspirations on enriching your own cosplay performance.



Blog: is absolutely a great resource where you get the latest news from us and also the cosplay industry. We review our new arrival costumes, introduce you Japanese cosplay conventions, ideas and Japanese culture, make interviews with excellent cosplayers, share you many useful cosplay tutorials, etc there



Youtube, Facebook and Twitter:


You can find on these social network sites. Join in and make friends with us, you can get the newest information on our products or any other cosplay-related field.

Mini Page:

Click it for a full review. There, you are guided on how to get coupons or free costumes from us. Customers' reviews are shown there, helping you make right decision on your order. For sure, we are confident and even glad to share you feedbacks from other customers.

3. How Can Promise a Quality Assurance on Its Products?

Yes, is operated by a keen-witted and capable group. We are professional in designing, manufacturing and also marketing and run a clothing factory, which is located in Chengdu, China. Each step in making a costume follows strict regulations. Never can you find any loose or rough needleworkon a costume made by us. Below, you will recognize reasons why deluxe yet inexpensive cosplay costumes, wigs and many other items can be offered here.


Get first-grade cloth. More than 90% of costumes offered by us are made from cotton or polyester cotton, on which smooth and regular textures can be seen. They are ventilated and supple. Colors of the cloth are ensured to be extremely similar to pictures shown on our site. Our procurement workers order from large-scaled cloth wholesalers. Interests for middlemen are omitted. So you can get luxurious materials on much lower prices.


Find proper colored thread and various small accessories. For sure, this is of great importance while making a costume also seem exquisite. Never have we allowed tailors to be careless in choosing the thread. Referring to small accessories, some of them are made by ourselves. Instead of splicing them onto a costume, we delicately sew it. R symbol on Jesse and James' jacket is definitely a good example. It's made from rubber and meticulously sewn. So, it can be washed together with the costume in cold water and then lined dry to keep a good shape for a long time.Tutorials on making these small accessories can be photographed and shared with all customers. There are also some items customized by our suppliers. Before shipping them out, we will also carefully check and re-sew them if necessary.


Cut out the patterns. This is absolutely a crucial step. Tailors are required to be professional and concentrated to avoid an asymmetrical neckline or crotch. We have patterns for most of costumes shown on our site. So you can get your costume shipped out very fast after paying for the order.Since this is done by technical designers and tailors, costumes are guaranteed to look the same with what anime shows to us. Ideal comfort is also ensured here. If you plan to customize your suit, we can also adjust the pattern for you.


Make sure where each piece should go. Costumes for cosplay are required to be faithful to the anime. So before making a costume, detailed pictures of the anime or movie character will be downloaded and carefully analyzed, making sure each small item is included. We also have models who take pictures with specific costumes worn, showing you a more vivid look.


Begin elaborate sewing. We absolutely believe you will applaud for needlework and handwork on our costumes. We ship the costume on time but never tailors have been hasty in sewing. Abundant fabric is in stock anytime, for any possible alteration on the suit.And there are quality control personnel who take charge in inspecting the quality anytime. Some parts are even completely handmade.


4. Sincere & Fast Customer Service

Except email and live support, you can also contact us by phone now. Call us at 213-814-3538 during Eastern Time 8:00PM to 5:00AM or leave us a message anytime. Our emailaddress is or chat with us online. A reply will be given instantly or within 1 working day.


5. Customers Reviews

As a professional dealer having been engaged in this industry for years, we certainly have received many feedbacks from our customers. And since deluxe quality and refined handwork are ensured on each costume, we feel confident to show you any review from customers. As the most convictive words for a satisfactory purchase, these comments may help you complete a joyful shopping journey at Below, take a look.


Laura Barcena: My daughter loved her boots, receiving from you. She also commented on the quality Perfect 10-10. A thousand thanks for the fast shipping. It came in the day before her con, quick shipping. Customer service was great. I don't have anything to say as of yet, I will inform you of any suggestions. About adding more products on your site, my daughter was thinking about a custom either Assassins creed (not quit Ezio but similiar), or Courtesan from assassins creed as well. Mainly just the outfit, she hasn't mentioned a wig yet.


Evelynn Lee: Thank you very much I am doing just fine. I am very satisfied with the quality of the costume. I like that it actually feels like clothes I could wear on a normal regular basis. Also, the shipping was exceeding fast and I was glad to receive it as soon as it could come and glad that people were able to send me this wonderful outfit. The customer service was great and excellent, answering my questions and giving me thoughts and ideas and compromising. I am happy with the service. I love all the costumes, wigs, and other accessories at your site. I will be more than glad to order from your page again. One thing I did not like about the costume was the puffy sleeves and it made me look a bit bulky around my shoulders. But the pleated skirt was absolutely amazing! Thank you for your costume. I look forward to ordering again for the next convention, thanks! Great job :)


DemolonStephane: I have received the order 1311128 from you and I am completely satisfied with the quality of the boots. The delivery was fast. Customer services is for our listening. But I strongly suggest you to add more accessories for suits(costumes), as necklaces official. I'm interested in Cole Mac Grath'ssuit(costume), game(set,play) Infamous 2 that's unavailable on your site. Finally, you can find attached a photo of my suit(costume) and boots for your gallery on the site.


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