Miccostumes (마이코코스튬) 한국에오신것을환영합니다!


*처리기간을 제외하고 목적지와 배송 방법에 따라 구매 시에 예상 발송 일자를 받아보실 수 있습니다.

저희는높은수준의 ACG 한국코스프레의상, 가발, 그리고액세서리를제공하고있습니다. 저희는또한고객분들이최고의온라인쇼핑을경험할수있게헌신하고있습니다.

또한페이스북,인스타그램그리고트위터에서저희를찾아보실수있습니다. 최신프로모션을얻고,경품이벤트에참여하고, 코스프레경험을코스프레를하는다수의사람들과공유해보세요.

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Posted: 2023-04-01 13:47:09

I adore Bayonetta a lot. I ordered this suit back in 2021 as a treat for myself as my sewing skills were lacking - I am experienced only with crafting foam and makeup and haven't gotten the opportunity to fully wear it until 2022 and I am still working on completing it! The Good: * Suit makes you feel attractive ! * Very good price! The "Bad": * Costume is not fully accurate but you get what you pay for ! * Chains on legs are a bit too "lengthy" and you can potential trip over so do adjust them for your safety! This was my first time ever ordering a cosplay costume and I am happy with it! Here are some of my pictures of myself in the cosplay: * The Umbran Watch was made by me and attached it with velcro, the suit itself has a blank yellow circle on that area.

Posted: 2023-04-01 03:09:42

very warm and comfortable

Posted: 2023-03-31 23:17:23

It arrived earlier than stated. It looks amazing and I can't wait to wear it to a convention soon!

Posted: 2023-03-31 21:52:04

Loved it!! Ordered a size up and everything fit perfectly

Posted: 2023-03-31 18:34:15

it’s really unfortunate that this doesn’t fit. for a website to include “plus size” options and not even fit on an actual plus size body is pretty disappointing. glad i bought this when it was on sale instead of full price since this does not fit me at all. at least i know now to not buy cosplay off of this site.