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Posté: 2023-10-03 21:14:59

I was thinking that it would not fit me since there’s no 3XL on the list. I’m a size medium to big in Mexico and I was sure it would be real tight on me. But that was not the case!! I got the XL one and it fit really good!!! The entire costume is stretchy and the skirt is a skirt. Not just a pareo you need to tight. Posing with it will be no trouble, but running, jumping, or walking in certain ways will make the skirt open just a bit more than you might want, so wear a skin colored short. The top is shinny, with the double zipper and although it is a bit see through ( like a white bra will be a bit noticeable) it does look like is some leather material. The print is really good as well. Overal, quite impressed! Check the measurements and the photos. I compared myself with people who got the costumes and figured out my body shape was like them so I have it a go and I’m really happy I did

Posté: 2023-10-03 21:08:11

The top is shinny and well made. Is light and although it is white, is not see through. I ordered a 3XL and it fits a bit big around the neck and the chest but nothing bad. You must go with the measurements of the top body (waist, chest…) since the pants are really really stretchy. Mine were like double the size on the hips and were long for me. I had to have them tailored. But hey, better than not entering into them. Really nice cosplay in general

Posté: 2023-10-03 21:04:12

Vibrant color and nice shape. It also has the flay away hairs on the forehead to make it feel more natural. It fits big heads well, so no issues there Comfy and well made

Posté: 2023-10-03 21:02:54

It’s a 3 piece set. The earrings are really light so you won’t really be bother by them. They are clip on, so even if you are not pierced, you can wear them. The clasp has a really firm grasp. Shake your head, jump, jump to the ocean to save your captain, and they’ll stay put. However, the open-ness of the clasp is not that big so you might have to squish your earlobe just for a bit so they can properly hug your earlobe. You might find it tedious to put on but be secure that they’ll stay there

Posté: 2023-10-03 19:25:13

this dress is very flowing and has amazing material. so glad I bought it!

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