The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Princess Zelda Cosplay Costume Ensemble de Robe avec Accessoires


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Women Tableau de Taille de Cosplay Costume (Pouce/CM)
tour de poitrine33-34/84-8735-36/89-9237-38/94-9738.5-40/99-102
tour de taille26-27.5/66-7028-29.5/72-7530.5-32/78-8133-34/84-87
tour de hanche34-35.5/87-9236-38/92-9738-40/97-10240-42/102-107

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1Tour de Poitrine
Tour de Poitrine - Passez le centimètre autour de votre poitrine à l'endroit le plus large (sous les aisselles et sur les omoplates autour de votre dos).
2Tour de Taille
Tour de Taille - Passez le centimètre autour de la taille naturelle, la plus petite partie, qui est d'environ un pouce au-dessus du nombril. Gardez un doigt entre le centimètre et votre corps.
3Tour de Hanche
Tour de Hanche - Passez le centimètre autour de la partie la plus large de vos hanches.
4Tour de Cuisse
Tour de Cuisse - Mesurez autour de la partie la plus large de votre cuisse.
5Largeur des Épaules
Largeur des Épaules - Placez à plat le centimètre à mesurer de l’épaule gauche à l’épaule droite sur le dos.
6Tour du Bras
Tour du Bras - Mesurez dans la partie la plus large de l’arrière-bras.
7Longueur du Bras
Longueur du Bras - Prenez la mesure en partant du début de l'épaule jusqu'à le poignet.
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Temps de Traitement: sera calculé quand l'article est choisi.

Temps d’Expédition: Livraison Rapide 3-5 jour ouvrable.

Objects inclus - robe, jupe, accessoire de tête, boucle d’oreille* 1 paire, anneau de main*2, anneau de bras*2, collier, ornement*2, anneau de jambe, bandoulière transparente*2, oreille*2.
Matériel- coton lin, EVA, sous coton. Miccostumes cosplay tenue est super bien fait et confortable à porter.
Style de conception - Adoptant le style de conception de pastorale simple et primitive, la robe est rêveuse et pittoresque.
Costume pour - Choix parfait pour Halloween, séance photo, princesse Cosplay Costume, Partywear, jeu Anime Cosplay, etc.
Détails du costume - Le coton et le lin sont utilisés pour restaurer la texture simple. La double broderie en cuir de patchwork est exquise et élégante. La décoration du coffre est en imitation bois eva. Les colliers et bracelets sont faits de pierres eva pour ajouter de la texture.
Taille Attention -  Vérifier les informations de taille avant de passer commande s’il vous plaît.
Women Tableau de Taille de Cosplay Costume (Pouce/CM)
tour de poitrine33-34/84-8735-36/89-9237-38/94-9738.5-40/99-102
tour de taille26-27.5/66-7028-29.5/72-7530.5-32/78-8133-34/84-87
tour de hanche34-35.5/87-9236-38/92-9738-40/97-10240-42/102-107




By Ele***ret

Oct 13 2023

This cosplay is a huge 10/10. I pre-ordered it in July I believe ? And it got delivered in 6 days. I got the tracking on the 6th of October, was delivered the 12th ! I love how it fits, it suits my body so well and follows my curves. The dress is in two parts and the skirt part is elastic, huge win in my book, the low part of the dress with the Zonai design is so high quality it's insane ! The accessoires seem to be made out of foam and it's so pretty, there's also fake pretty rocks to follow the original design, the tear is also very good looking in my opinion ! Aside from that, the earrings are also a huge win in my book, they are not too big and very light, and it's clips so no need to have your earrings pierced, but they do make quite the noises because of the attachment system to keep everything together. This cosplay was 100% worth the wait and way beyond worth the price. I can't stress enough how much I love Miccostumes, their customer service and cosplay make them my favorite shop ! Can't wait to shoot this version of Zelda ! ♥

By Tay***ing

Jan 08 2024

I LOVE THIS COSPLAY! I Have shopped with Miccostumes for years and the quality of this cosplay is jaw dropping. Nothing feels cheapy made and the fabric quality is amazing. My only complaint is that you have to pin on all of the beading pieces but this took me less than 20 minutes to do this. The ear rings are also clip on which is great if you don't have your ears pierce but they do make your ear lobes a bit sore after wearing for a while. Overall This is an amazing cosplay and if you're even considering getting it you should! If you wanna check out some more photos my Instagram is: Starynightcosplay

By Nad***ein

Jan 22 2024

Height: 1.62m Weight: 50kg Size purchased: S I was really looking forward to this costume. I'll talk about the positive aspects first. The fabric is extremely high quality and feels like it was made in the medieval period. The dress itself and the skirt are easy to put on and fit me perfectly. The earrings look really pretty and so does the jewelry. All in all, the cosplay is high quality and really accurate. The negative aspects: The lace up thing at the back of the dress took me some time since you basically have to lace it up yourself. Maybe consider getting help for that. The thing that annoyed me the most was that the "wooden" decorations at the front of her dress have to be attached with SAFETY PINS!! It's extremely frustrating and takes forever, plus it can damage the costume. And even when you finish it and pin everything evenly, it causes the "banner" part of the dress to look weird and the decorations look weird too. Safety pins weren't really the smartest idea right there. Annoyed the hell out of me. The bracelets were too small for my wrists as a german woman. This never happens to me because my wrists are so small, usually I never find bracelets that don't slip off. The necklace is pretty, but my secret stone looks a bit cheap and there's huge chunks of hot glue stuck on the thread which looks super bad. Also the earrings are clip on and caused an allergic reaction for me and it's really uncomfortable because they're very heavy. Personally I think the cosplay is worth it all in all, but get a friend to help you with assembling it all, it'll safe you a lot of time and nerves.

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