Soul Eater Evans Wig Tutorial

Hello friends, it’s Luxayre Cosplay again! This time I want to show you how I style my wig for Soul Eater Evans from Soul Eater. He’s a funny guy who can transform into a scythe and it’s so cute how he protects his meisterMaka!

If you want to have a perfect Soul Eater cosplay or need a wig then take a look at Miccostumes’s pretty cosplay


Anyways, let’s transform! (Eh… start….)

These are the materials I used:

Got2Be’s hair spray and hair gel

A comb

A wig detangler

A hairdryerMaterials

  1. Start with your maybe tousled wig. Put it on a wig head and use some needles to make it stay on. Then spray it with your wig detangler to make it smooth and easy to comb. I made this one myself. It consists of one part body lotion and five parts water. Mix it well and you’re good to go. Don’t use more lotion or your wig may get greasy. In the next pictures you can see my before and after.Step aStep aa

2. Then carefully separate the bangs. Leave some hair in the front and on both sides. See? This way you don’t have to search for any hair afterwards.Step b3. Now gather some hair at the top for his giant spike. Get some from the bangs and from the back. Don’t make it too wide or you’ll look like one single spike. Try not to concentrate the hair too much, leave it loose so it gets more volume.Step c4. Spray the bottom of the spike first. Don’t use too much or it’ll look sticky. Then spray the top. Use a hairdryer and carefully blow dry the spike. If you are satisfied move on to the next two spikes directly underneath. If you want you can secure the spikes with hair gel. I did not because I like the natural look.Step d

5.Take care of the back now. Use the hair to hide the net where it has become visible. Comb it to the side of the spikes. Spray the hair first and then use your fingers to form many small spikey strands.Step e

6. And you’re done! Well…. Almost! Put on your head band! Show everyone that you’re in the EAT class!

7. Go hunt some bad dudes down and don’t forget to protect your meister!Step fI hope you liked the wig styling tutorial. Have fun and good luck!

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Love Live Nozomi Tojo Makeup Tutorial

Here we have our new blog writer Elise:

“Hello, I’m Luxayre Cosplay from Germany. I’ve been cosplaying since 2011 and will start writing tutorials for Miccostumes. I love styling wigs and playing around with makeup so many tutorials will be about that. My favorite costumes are my Nozomi Tojo‘s Initial Version and Eli Ayase’s White Day. If you have any questions you can find me on Facebook, I’ll be waiting for you! See you there!” (more…)

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rem cosplay

How To Make Final Fantasy Type-0 Rem Tokimiya Daggers For Cosplay

We previously talked about how to make the Final Fantasy Type-0 Sice Scythe for cosplayers,

here we will show you how to make the Rem Tokimiya dual daggers!

Main materials:

a. 5mm thick EVA sheets for blade,

b. 3mm EVA sheets for figures,

c. PVC tube of 2.5cm diameters serving as the build-in spine and hilt.

d. Hot melt glue,

e. Propylene,

f. Art knife


First step, pattern making.

If you are good at mapping software, you can draw the pattern on a computer.

If not, get a piece of paper and draw the blade pattern on it.

The total length of the dagger is about 90cm, blade is 65cm long.

Trace the pattern on the EVA sheet, remember to mark the midcourt line. rem a

Prepare 4 EVA pieces for blades; do not mix the obverse and the reverse sides.
Bevel at edges, notch inwardly at the midcourt line.
Then separately glue the two pieces together, at the same time implant the PVC tube. rem b

rem cWhen the tube is in position, use hot melt glue to seal up.

Next, wrap the hilt with black leather. You can also use fabric, but leather is of better gloss and hand feel.

Then take care of the hilt end.rem dThe dagger is getting into general shape.
We will move to the coloring part.
To not mess the blade color with the figure color, paint them separately.
Use black propylene (spray paint is better) to color the blade, a big brush would be helpful here.
Do not coat the dagger too thick. rem eAfter the base color, leave it alone for a while to make sure it is fully dried.
During this time, we will make the decorative figures onto the blade.
Be patient at this step.
Draw the figure on EVA sheets and cut carefully, then make it four.
If the knife is not sharp enough, it leads  to deckle edges.rem frem g

Done with that, go and paint the blade into red.rem h

Set it aside again.
Then color the figure pieces into gold as pictured.rem iWhen the blade and figure dry out, glue the small pieces onto the blade.

For the stone part, make that with hot melt glue.rem k

rem jWhat left are just some details.
It may cause color losing when attaching the small pieces, make it up if necessary.

Done with the twin daggers, you still need a fancy Rem Tokimiya costume!

Find it at with more Final Fantasy cosplays .


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How To Style Boruto Naruto The Movie Boruto Wig For Cosplay

Boruto with much resemblance to his father Naruto has spiky blond hair.

As it is descibed that his hair style is like the appreance of a leaf and his ahoge serving as the stem.

Below is how we styled the Boruto wig for shooting.

boruto a

To style a wig, you always need to prepare the hair spray and scissors beforehand, and more

importantly the basic wig for the character.boruto b

General trim:

Start cutting the hairs at the two sides short and thin it.boruto cSimilarly, make the overhead hairs short and thin. boruto dStart from the top of the head thin the hairs verticaly as pictured. boruto e

Continue doing that till the lower neck.boruto f

Then move to the styling part.
Spary from the top, curve and uplift each wisp of hairs with hands.boruto g

boruto hFor The overhead hairs at the front, get them in sections and shape them into small spikes as the picture below.boruto i

boruto jThen take care of the hairs at the side and back of the head.boruto k Spray again to keep the wig in shape.

Trim the fringe. Section the fringe hairs and seperately cut it into suitable length.boruto l

Use hands to make the fringe like bars, it will look more solid.
And we are done with the whole style.boruto mboruto nboturo o

A full look for Boruto with wig, headband and costumes.boruto cosplay

The Boruto costume has been available.

Find more Boruto: Naruto the Movie costumes and Naruto cosplays at miccostumes.


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LOL riven

How to Make League of Legends Battle Bunny Riven Carrot Sword For Cosplay

No ethical pause, no fear of death!  That’s Riven, the Exile.

Among all her skins, which one do you prefer? While this time, we will only focus on

Battle Bunny Riven and share the experience of how we made her weapon the Carrot sword.

Main Materials:

  1. 5mm thick EVA sheets (around 1.4 meters long),
  2. PVC tubes of 2.5 cm diameters and 1.5meters length.
  3. A PVC tube of 2cm diameters and 10cm length.
  4. Hot melt glue and Silicone Liquid Glue
  5. Propylenes of dark green, golden, salmon and silver colors.


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