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Miccostumes is hosting an end-of-the-year cosplay contest on Facebook! Enter your cosplay photos for a chance to win one of two $100 gift cards, two $50 gift cards, and a cosplay wig from our very own Miccostumes cosplay store. Good luck, everyone!
Submissions will be accepted between the time of this post and 11:59pm PDT on 12/25/2015. Votes will be accepted until 11:59pm PDT on 12/30/2015. The winners from each category will be announced on New Year’s Eve, 12/31/2015.
1. Most Popular: This category will be judged by a point system. 1pt will be awarded for each Like, 2pts will be awarded for each Comment, and 3pts will be awarded for each Share. Each person may contribute a maximum of 1 comment and 1 share per entry. Any additional comments or shares will not count towards the point total.
2. Judges’ Pick: The Miccostumes staff will pick our favorite of the entries made to this contest.
3. Random: A single lucky winner will be selected at random from the pool of all entries made to the contest.
1. Most Popular: $100 gift card for our store to 1st place, $50 gift card for our store to 2nd place, and a wig from our store to 3rd place.
2. Judges’ Pick: $100 gift card for our store to our personal pick. If this person won in another category, the next most popular entry will receive the lesser of the two prizes.
3. Random: $50 gift card for our store to the random lucky winner. If this person won in another category, the next most popular entry will receive the lesser of the two prizes.
Submit your cosplay photos to us via private message, and we will post the photos to our wall with the hashtag ‪#‎miccontest1‬. Once posted, it is considered an official entry. Please include the name of the character you are cosplaying as and where he/she is from, as well as any other information you would like us to include in your entry (cosplay page link, photographer page link or name, etc.)
To vote, search the hashtag #miccontest1, and like/comment/share the entries that you wish to vote for. Please note that only posts made by the official Miccostumes Facebook account are part of the contest. Entries and posts made by anyone else using this hashtag are not considered part of the contest.
Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

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Cosplay Makeup Essentials

Cosplay Makeup Essentials

While not every cosplay needs fake eyelashes and lipstick, particularly for male characters, you still want to remain looking out of this world fabulous and with just these small makeup pieces, your cosplay will look as great as ever!!

-BB Cream

Whether you’re in cosplay or even out of cosplay, BB Cream can take your looks to a whole new level!

I personally use the Tony Moly brand Goddess Aura BB Cream, though it can get pretty pricey. The reason it’s so expensive is because it smoothens your face and makes it all an even color with a touch of light so that you look radiant. It evens out uneven skin and hides pores and smoothens out acne you might have right before the big con! This product isn’t just for girls either, a lot of KPOP stars use BB Cream on their faces because it stays on for a while and makes you look gorgeous in front of the camera. It’s one of my highest recommendations and you can find BB cream at any local beauty store!


Now that you have your BB cream on, you can move onto contouring your face so that you can have a better defined and more pronounced face. If your facial structure is similar to that of the character, just do some light contouring with a dark color underneath your cheek bones and the sides of your nose, as well as a little bit on your jaw line, and don’t forget to highlight using a light color on your nose and the apples of your cheeks!! Contouring can make someone’s face go from a baby face to a stronger looking face in just a few minutes!! It’s definitely recommended for older characters.


The eyes are a key focus to any good cosplay, so regardless of gender, try your hand at a good eyeshadow to enhance the look and create a more natural looking cosplay. For girl characters, go for a color in their general theme and go either intense or light depending on their personality. For male characters, use a nude palette with brown and peach tones to give the eyes a little bit of pop and use the eyeshadow to create dark circles under the eyes for a more natural tired look.


Sticking to the key focus of the eyes, eyeliner (while it isn’t always necessary), can make your eye shape look wider or more sleepy in order to match a character. If you have a shaky hand or just need help when it comes to eyeliner, have a friend do it for you or use the tape method, where you add a piece of tape to the corner of your eye in a diagonal slant so that your eyeliner will come out in a perfect wing. Liquid is usually preferred over pencil for the top of the eye but feel free to use a sharp eyeliner pencil for both if that works for you. Even male characters can use some light eyeliner!


While no one would expect you to use lipstick for male characters, a light dab of a nude color can really help create a natural look as male lips tend to be paler in color than women’s lips. For girls, go for a pale color in pink or peach for younger girls and for older girls, go with a deep red or plum pink if it matches your character’s color scheme and personality.


You’ve got the rest of the components down, now to add a pop of color to your cheeks! Anime characters tend to have this “perma-blush” going on that makes it look like they’re usually embarrassed or nervous or just happy!! For this, you can use a light dust of rosie pink or peach color to brighten up your cheeks, but don’t use too much!! Anime characters aren’t THAT shy!


While contacts aren’t necessary, they add an extra zing to cosplay that makes it come to life!
Find a contact seller such as Pinky Paradise, Honey Color or Lens Village and choose a pair in the color of your character’s eyes. Remember to know your prescription and ask a doctor before ordering contacts to make sure that you’re able to wear them!
Also make sure to brush up on contact care and replace the solution often so they don’t end up drying up before you get the chance to wear them! Also remember not to stress out the first time you put them in, it could take a while.


Anime characters are usually known for their big eyes, so to get this effect, use fake eyelashes or use mascara on your real eyelashes in order to gain that anime appeal. These usually come in sets so you have a few different options to choose from. Use bigger ones for females and shorter ones for males. Choose the one you like best and apply the eyelash glue and blow on it so it will become tacky and stick better. Apply right on your eyelash line and position it well. Now go bat those eyelashes~

With these small essentials, your cosplay will look a million times better than ever before!!

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How to Make a Madoka Crossbow Prop

Hello everyone, I’m back with another tutorial!! Being a fan of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and a cosplayer of the title character Madoka, I’ve realized that while just having the costume is fun enough and recognizable, it’s always cool to have a prop handy to pose with, so what better than Madoka’s Bow and Arrow that she gains in her magical girl form?  /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

This tutorial is easy for beginners and use mostly items you can find around your own house or get at a local craft shop, such as:

-A pack of wooden dowels (you can find these at Michaels for $3-$5)

-Model Magic Air-Dry Clay (Also sold at Michaels or Target in multiple colors for $3-$5 dollars a pack)

-Brown Acrylic Paint

-Pink Acrylic Paint

-Modge Podge Sealant

-White or Brown String

-Hot Glue Gun

-Exacto Knife

-A big fake pink rose

-Foam board/Cardboard/Layered transparent files in red or pink


Step 1: The Arrow.

To get the arrow out of the way, look up a reference picture of Madoka’s arrow.


Draw the image onto your surface or a practice piece of paper and carefully cut it out using sharp scissors or the exact knife (then cut out on the actual foam/cardboard/transparent files using the scissors/exacto knife if you used a practice piece of paper).

Clean the arrow up around the edges and sharp turns of the arrow and then coat it in Modge Podge so it becomes a bit sturdier. After this, take your pink acrylic paint (if you’re using foam board or cardboard for your arrow) and paint your arrow pink before sealing it in another coat of Modge Podge. After this, you have completed your arrow.

Step 2: Starting on the Bow.

Setting the arrow aside, it’s time to start on the bow portion of the prop.
Make sure to get a reference of the bow off of the internet so you know what your end product should more or less look like. Gathering your wooden downs, grab about six or seven and set the others aside.
These dowels usually come in packs of ten.Now cut the ends of the towels at the end at a slight angle. This is so they fit more smoothly into the next dowel and look neater.

Step 3: Hot Glueing

Take your wooden pieces and put two together, hot gluing them at the connecting angled joint. Do this to each end of the bow except for the last end (since there will be nothing to connect it to).

This will make the next step a lot easier.

So far it should look something like this


Step 4: String

Now take the glued together bow base and make sure it’s the size you want and fits in your hand comfortably. Once you’ve made sure of that, take your string and start wrapping the glued joints in the string. Be gently as to not undo the glue bond. Wrap it and wrap it and wrap the string around the connecting joints to strengthen them so they become sturdy. It’s ok if this looks messy because the next step will hide that.

Step 5: Model Magic

Now take your model magic and wrap the bulky string-bundled joints with the clay. The clay should already be soft and moldable out of the bag but if you need to, a few drops of water can make it easier to mold. Shape the two main joints into diamonds, while the other joints should just be smooth to connect the dowels to each other while still looking like one item. Create ‘thorns’ on the two diagonal branches closest to the top dowel by molding them out of clay and connecting them to the dowels, just like Madoka’s bow has.

Make a little ‘cup’ at the ends of the two dowels with nothing connecting them so you can easily attach the flower and leaves that Madoka has at the beginning and end of her bow. Using your flower, press the bottom of the flower into the clay area at the top of the bow so it creates an indent which will make it easier to glue onto the top of the bow for later. Carefully place your bow aside to let the clay dry. This might take a while.


Step 6: Gems

While your bow base is drying, you can get a head start on making the gems. Simply take your clay and shape them into diamonds big enough to fit the diamond shaped area you created with your clay on the bow. You’ll need to make four of these; two for each side so they look the same no matter which way you take a picture with it. Once those diamonds dry, paint them pink using your pink acrylic paint and seal them with Modge Podge.

Step 7: Painting

Once your bow is nice and dry, you can start painting. Simply take your brown paint and paint the entire thing brown. You can add a wood like texture with paint if you have more than one shade of brown and let the paint dry.


Step 8: Flowers and Gems

Once your new bow is all dry, hot glue the gems you created earlier into the areas where they are supposed to go and also glue your flower and leaves to the top and bottom of the bow, respectively.

Step 9: String

Once your whole bow is done, the last step to do is take your string, cut a piece big enough for the height of the bow and tie it to the top and bottom dowels so your bow now has a string. Final step is to hot glue the knots to the dowels so that the string is stable and doesn’t slide around.


Alternatively, you can go to a craft store like Michaels that has a floral section and pick out a branch that you can modify to fit the bow if that is something you’d prefer to do. An even better alternative if you’re not that crafty is to buy the Madoka Arrow we have right here at Miccostumes!!

Whichever way you go about it, enjoy your new Madoka Archer Bow and have a lovely day!! Thank you for reading my tutorial and I hope you’ve enjoyed it!!

Pictures by http://www.maidoftime.co.vu

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Alice Haruka

Animazement 2015 Con Report


Now that Animazement 2015 has passed post con depression is now settling in. However, to get over this depression I look back on the memories made and the pictures and videos I took this weekend.This reminds me that even though this post con depression looms heavily over me I still had an amazing time!.Because Animazement is a 3 day convention not counting pre con I made one or more unforgettable memories that I would like to share with all of you so now I would like to go day by day and tell you what I had experienced!

Friday: Friday was one of my favorite days! This is because on this day I went to my first Japanese Rock Band Concert. The group performing is called Rookiez Is Punk’d (the band that also plays the opening song in durara) This group consisted of highly charismatic members that even with one look your heart would feel like it’s flying and that’s even before they actually started playing! Their music filled the whole exhibit hall and literally everyone was able to feel the music take over them (It was like being taken to another world!). Even though Most of the fans were meeting Rookiez Is Punk’d for the first time you couldn’t help feeling such a down to earth connection between the Band and the fans. By the end of the concert my hype was literally at its peak! The hour had gone by faster than I expected and my friend and I had not knowingly lost all our hearing for the day (whoops!) but in all honesty it was totally worth it!


Another thing that happened on Friday which made my feelings grow even more for the fandom loving community revolves around a hot dog. Yes I did just say hot dog. That day I had formed and interesting craving for Hot Dogs and started toward the closest hot dog stand, while in line I looked at the menu that they had and became extremely confused about what kind of hotdog I usually eat…Was it beef or was it Sausage? They both sounded great to me but I couldn’t decide till one of the congoers infront of me turned around and explained the difference to me and also gave me advice of which one was the best. When the congoer approached the hot dog stand they surprised me and said that they would pay for my hot dog since it was my first time trying it. I was surprised yet happy and that is something I will always remember ^~^

Saturday: Saturday is the day that many look forward to because thats the day that  you see the most cosplayers. (The more cosplayers the bigger builds you tend to see!) On Saturday I was able to get many pictures of different cosplays and geek out over characters that I loved from different anime shows and fandoms! Here are some amazing cosplayers that impressed me with their cosplays!!






Sunday: Once Sunday rolled in my Post con depression had already started to hit  me and I realized that I would have wait once again another year before I would see a lot of these amazing and creative people again. I wasn’t ready for the fun to end. On Sunday I went to a few panels, one which included a panel ran concert by AKB0048 cosplayers (I’m obsessed with AKB0048 so they only fueled my obsessesion xD). This panel was honestly one of my favorites because I’ve never been to a panel focused strictly on Idol anime and actually bring to life some of my favorite characters from the anime. I found out that the group running the panel the group had actually just formed recently and that they plan to make it a big thing to perform and compete at other conventions (you can find them on Facebook under the name of AKB Cuties and Fandames Initiative). Something I also discovered while being at that panel is how fun being a WOTA is. Now, I’m basically a noob at this because I only knew about WOTA from AKB0048 but in my definition “WOTA-ing” is sorta like sychronized exotic fast pace dancing that involves lights. As I watched the “WOTA’s” at the panel they all had a different speed and light color for each song that came on to support the AKB0048 members. It was really impressive and hard to not go along with it.Though I didn’t have lights like the professionals who had like High class lights, I joined in and by the end of the panel one of the pros came over to me and told me how impressed they were by me keeping up with them! I left the panel by having a red band around my head (one of the WOTA’s was wearing one that expressed their love for AKB0048). Now, I’m obsessed with the thought of WOTA xD.



Even though AZ has ended I am already preparing for next year when I get to see everyone again! The convention once again didn’t disappoint me and I would recommend this convention for anyone who would love to meet new people! It’s a great place for making new friends and expressing yourself! I did Vlog this convention and hope to have the video of it up soon! On my way home I put together the videos to make a preview video and you may find that at the bottom of this post! Everything will be posted to my YouTube channel called Alice Haruka soon! As always remember Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Stay Creative!.

ps. Here is the link to the preview video~


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My Basic Cosplay Wardrobe Essentials

Also known as clothes I find myself using over and over again.

Having these readily available in your wardrobe will make your life a lot easier as you wouldn’t have to keep going out to buy or make them again. This list will vary for everyone depending on what kind of characters you tend to like to cosplay, but here’s mine!



Long- and short-sleeved ones are equally essential!

A typical mens’ dress shirt


A typical women’s dress shirt. Notice how it has added seams for a more fitted look. In View C, you can see small seams at the bust – these are called darts. Mens’ shirts don’t have these or the extra seams so make sure you wear the right shirt for your character!

If you’re wearing long sleeves over the shirt, most of the time you can get away with a short-sleeved shirt, but sometimes the cuffs peek out like this so pay attention!



Something like 10 of my cosplays need black pants haha. Brown is also standard (but less popular), and I’ve been seeing more and more characters wear white so it is definitely worth picking some up. Incorporate them into your daily outfits and it’s a win-win!

Straight and tapered are the ones I wear most often
Source: http://www.thechicfashionista.com/womens-fashion-pants.html

Oh trousers, how I love thee



Black is the most versatile in my opinion. They’re also great for when you just want to do a casual photoshoot and you can just chuck it on for a suit variant of your character.

Who can blame suits for being so good-looking?
Pictured: Psycho Pass

Like dress shirts, suits are also made for different figures so be sure to wear the right one!


The three main lapel types – peak, notch, and shawl. Notch lapels are the most common in anime/manga/games/etc
Source: http://suitup-instyle.weebly.com/get-the-tips.html

The fit of the blazer can really make or break a cosplay so be sure to familiarise yourself with how it should look on your body before you make a purchase, or have one custom made to your measurements.



You can really tell I’m a big fan of formalwear, haha. Black, again, is the most common, but with how cheaply you can buy them why not get a couple more colours like dark blue or red? Go wild and make your own rainbow tie rack!

Must… stop… buying… ties…!


This knot is the easiest

No character (to my knowledge) wears the trinity knot but it looks really cool and is actually really easy to tie!



Of course, this list would not be complete without the mention of a belt. And yes, you guessed it – black is again, the most common! I currently have a black, white, and brown belt. If you have small hips or a thin waist, you might have trouble finding a belt that will fit you so invest in a leather hole puncher (this is something I am constantly forgetting to buy…)

Beats trying to push a nail through your belt by hand


Thanks for always keeping my pants up, belt



Brown and black are the only ones you really need, and sorry black but I think brown beats you on this one! I love loafers because they’re perfect for casual wear and they’ve very comfortable, plus there’s no need to tie any of those pesky shoelaces. They’re also very common so you should be able to easily find a pair at your local mall, shoe shop, or thrift store. I actually found my favourite pair at a secondhand shop for $8!

No loafing around! Go to school!

Make sure you keep them nice and shiny by polishing them.

I’ve been through a lot… :(



Ah yes, the favourites of mechanics, posh people, and characters from ambiguously dated time periods.

How many pairs do you reckon Sebastian has?


Get some simple matte ones (like cotton), not the shiny party stuff

Wearing gloves can make it hard to use touchscreens, but you can follow this tutorial to sew some conductive thread into the fingertips or use a stylus.

Sorry, but your Nintendo DS stylus won’t work



This one is pretty obvious but I thought I’d mention it anyway. I use both black and white (not at the same time) but until halfway through my time as a cosplayer, I never had black socks! That was weird.

White socks go with everything but sometimes you need black socks to fill that space between your shoes and trousers, where white would stand out too much.

Pinni, I thought you loved black!

If you’re like me and tend to cosplay male characters 99% of the time, you only really need socks that go a bit past your ankle. However, if you cosplay a lot of female characters, you might want to get socks that go up to your knee and maybe even thigh highs.

Did you know that there are stockings that only look like thigh highs? Mankind really has come far, huh…



Last but not least, you’ll probably need a chest binder! Please, please invest in a good one and not those $12 ebay ones, and definitely do not use tape to bind your chest! They are uncomfortable and can be very bad for your body. I’ve worn really cheap binders before and it restricted my breathing and hurt my back even though it was the right size.

Many people swear by GC2b binders and while they can be a bit pricey, it really is worth investing in a good binder. This is something you will be wearing again and again over a very sensitive part of your body so you’d want a product of good quality!

If you can’t get a binder, try wearing a sports bra and wearing one or two regular bras over it, but backwards – the clasps will help flatten your chest. Remember not to do physically intense activity while binding, and only bind for a maximum of 8 hours a day.


That concludes my list! What other things do you find yourself wearing over and over again? Let us know in the comments!



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