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Posted: 2018-06-19 03:58:01

This cosplay is super cute! The costume is well tailored, but had a few left over threads attached. And the buns didn't have the cotton stuffing in it like I thought it said in the description. For the record, I'm 5'5 1/2 and weigh 183 lbs and I usually wear a US size 12-14. My body has been decreasing because of weight loss so I had trouble on deciding what size I wanted. Luckily the prices are good, so I bought a size XL and XXL. The XL fit, but it was a little too tight in the chest. The XXL fit me better, but it was kind of loose in the waist. I ended wearing the XXL for the event and used the waist band from the XL costume. The cosplay was really well received! I'm happy to finally cosplay my childhood hero.

Posted: 2018-06-18 22:56:30

When it first came in it was all tangled in a normal packaging bag. i tried to brush it with low pressure and after about ten minutes it was okay to wear. I put it on and it was very nice, up until I discovered that a piece of the lace cap that hold in the hair had fallen out, and many others were beginning to come loose. Maybe this was because of the brushing, but I had no choice but to brush it because of how messy it was when I unpackaged it. It didn’t come with a wig cap like the other wigs I have bought here which leads me to believe that this wig had already been returned and was then sent to me. I will be returning this item and I’m very disappointed.

Posted: 2018-06-18 11:59:52

The dress is just as described in the photo and description. It does get a little warm so be cautious if you wear it outside. The neckline is hemmed with a cute pattern that adds to the characther. The buttons are well placed and made. If you do want to add a little more volume to the dress I advise buying an underskirt, it really goes a long way. {The underskirt I am wearing in the photo is a grey underskirt from Amazon. The wig is not from Miccostumes, it is also an Amazon purchase.} The dress is a little tight in the chest area, so I advise not wearing a push-up bra if you are a little bustier like I am.

Posted: 2018-06-18 11:54:58

Overall worth it! My favorite pieces of the cosplay are the jacket, buttoned "blouse" and the pendant. The jacket is very well put together and the material is amazing. The shirt is a light material, and it is flowy, it is so Howl. The pendant is most likely made from resin and has a chain attached to it. If you are looking for accuracy to the movie, you may have to remake the chain. Overall love the quality of this costume, it is wonderful!

Posted: 2018-06-18 07:20:30

This cosplay is great! I'm female and ordered a size small after measuring myself many times. When the cosplay arrived I put it on straight away! The pants were a little small, but I understand this is a cosplay more suited towards a male body so I knew I was going to possibly have an issue with that anyway. Other than that the rest of the cosplay is perfect! Like the other person who reviewed, i had that button fall off too but it was an easy fix :) Here are some of my photos! I bought the mask from Miccostumes as well. The weapon I made myself :) I'll definitely buy more from Miccosutmes!

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