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Posted: 2016-09-27 16:26:20

I really love this wig. Its perfect for Goddess Madoka. The color is a milkshake pink, and its very accurate to the color on the photo. The wig is also very long, but not long enough to be unmanageable. Its de-tangles pretty easy for being such a long wig. Also the pigtails are very nice and poofy like the photo. I recommend this to anyone who want a good Goddess Madoka wig and they want to know what they are getting.

Posted: 2016-09-27 16:20:15

This an amazing cosplay! Its absolutely gorgeous and the quality is excellent . I love that the dress is one entire piece and that the train is attached to the dress so it makes its easier to put on because there are less pieces, it also has a side zipper. I love that its made out of a quality satin and it doesn't look bad in photos. The inside of the train is lovely with the purple satin and the bedazzled gems all over the train. The other accessories are very nice to, the well made and look good in photos. Definitely recommend this costume to any one who is interested in cosplaying Goddess Madoka, I have to say its probably the best costume of its kind in the market. Its definitely an eye-catcher and I cant wait to wear it again.

Posted: 2016-09-26 16:22:25

I love this Ruby costume. The costume is great quality, the pieces look great and its worth the price. I'm very satisfied with this costume. I love the fact that the dress is one piece and the red underskirt is attached, the dress is also is simple and easy to get on with the back zipper, and there are no free edges anywhere in sight. I really love how long the cap is and also how light weight it is also, since the cape is not overbearing its easy to walk around and function with it on. I'm also really happy that the costume came with a petticoat its like an added bonus! The corset,belt, and pouch are made form a really nice quality vinyl that isn't tacky at all, it goes great with the costume. What I really appreciated about this costume was that it came with the bullets for the belt, They are super nice and not made from a cheap plastic. They look really nice in photo. This is a great quality costume and I recommend it to anyone else looking into buying a Ruby rose cosplay!

Posted: 2016-09-26 16:08:27

This Ruby wig is a great quality wig! The length is perfect for ruby and I love the fact that the wig is two toned like her hair, I definitely recommend this wig to anyone whose looking into cosplaying ruby and wants to know exactly what they are getting.

Posted: 2016-09-21 23:37:31

I had the best experience shopping with miccostumes and ordering this Shinoa cosplay. Though the date that they normally shipped the costume to me was a week after the con I was wanting to go to, I asked if they could ship it to me a week early. Not only did they make that happen, but I have just received the cosplay just a few days after ordering it. The cosplay itself is well made and honestly better than I expected. It fits perfectly and is good material. I will definitely be shopping with miccostumes again for my next cosplay!

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