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Posted: 2016-07-20 16:02:38

Quick delivery, looks exactly as pictured!

Posted: 2016-07-20 16:01:40

Arrived sooner than expected, with everything in tact. Looks nice, but missing buttons on top. Other than that, quite pleased with quality and delivery speed!

Posted: 2016-07-20 06:38:38

The dress and boots were exactly what I was after!! Exactly like they are shown in the picture right down to the hair band. The only thing I can complain about is that I let them know when I needed it by and it came a week late however they may have tried contacting me but my email was not working so that was no fault of their. I am also incredibly impressed that they actually sent me a text after they tried to email me (although this was after the time I needed the costume by). Very impressed and will definitely be buying from here again.

Posted: 2016-07-19 17:46:21

This was my first time ordering from miccostumes, this wig is such good quality, and looks identical to Sonic's hair in the series! It does require a bit of styling to get the topknot to stick up, but it can be fixed with hair clips/bobby pins. The wig is a bit of a tight fit the first time you put it on; like a shoe, the more you wear it, the better it fits. I wore it to a convention and didn't have any issue with it to get it to stay on. It also got here a day before its expected arrival, and it only took a few days from me ordering it to it arriving at my house. They also sent me e-mails updating me on the wig, communication was great. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

Posted: 2016-07-19 02:40:29

This is a difficult review. I bought this for my boyfriend as a couple costume with my Mikasa cosplay. First, I love the jacket. The quality is incredible and I am so happy with it! The pants are also great quality. The problem comes in many areas: 1) The chest harness, which arrived sewn in a way that would mean it's always twisted wrong across my boyfriend's back. Since I also ordered a Mikasa cosplay, I could see the proper way the harness should be. My boyfriend's couldn't be worn properly unless we removed the sewing from the crossed back. Once we did this, the harness fell much too loosely! So truly a no win situation, unless we had returned it. 2) The color of this shirt is NOT the correct color of the anime. Eren wears a BEIGE or gray-TAN shirt. This shirt is LEMON YELLOW, like vibrant yellow. I never see Eren in such bright colors (or anyone in Attack on Titan - the show is very somber even with their color choices). He will NOT be using this banana-colored shirt. Instead he will just use a white dress shirt and he will be a scout that is not Eren. 3) The leg straps don't stay up! I don't know what the trick or secret is, but no matter how tight my boyfriend makes them, as soon as he starts walking they fall to his boots and it looks terrible. This exact same problem is happening with my Mikasa cosplay. I don't know how to make them stay sadly. This could be fixed if there were garters connecting them to the upper leather, but that would not match the anime. I was hoping miccostumes had created an attachment somehow. As it is, they are useless. **On the positive side, like I said, the quality of the jacket, pants, leather apron, and shirt are fantastic!! So far beyond anything I could get elsewhere. The embroidery on the jacket is especially wonderful - real patchwork stitching!! It matches the anime (and their pictures) precisely, and I love it. **As a note, I will say that I measured my boyfriend carefully, and used the size chart, but his cosplay was TOO BIG! We will need to take this to a tailor or seamstress to hem the jacket sleeves, take in his waist for the pants, and his waist for the leather apron. **Again, the jacket, pants, and apron are really great! My boyfriend likes them a lot and I hope I can find a seamstress or a tailor who can make the necessary sewing changes to the jacket and pants so they fit him properly and and he can cosplay happily at our next convention. =)

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