Black Butler Kuroshitsuji Costume de Cosplay Sebastian Michaelis Frac Noir

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Tissu uniforme, polyester
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chemise, veste, pantalons, cravate
homme Tableau de Taille de Cosplay Costume (Pouce/CM)
tour de poitrine33-36/84-9237-40/94-10240.5-44/104-11244.5-48/114-122
tour de taille28-30/72-7732-34/82-8736-38/92-9740-42/102-107
tour de hanche34-36/84-9237-40/94-10240.5-44/104-11244.5-48/114-122









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By Vi l.

Oct 30 2022

i recently got into black butler and when my eyes laid upon sebastian, i knew i had to cosplay him. it was either him or grell but if i got another red wig i might have gone insane! but back to the point: i rate this cosplay four stars. the textures of the fabric are wonderful and very comfortable. it's not entirely made up of cheap cosplay fabrics, each layer of clothing has a piece of personality and makes it lovely to wear. the measurements are decently accurate too, the only loose item on me was the waistcoat but thankfully there's an adjuster in the back. which is pretty long too. now we get into the flaws... two minutes right after i buttoned up the tailcoat, the bottom right button snapped off. i recently learned how to sew so thankfully i repaired it but i noticed that the threads attaching all the buttons on the tailcoat were quite flimsy. some of the threads were ripped, only one remaining to hold the button off. this was later proven when another button snapped off so i repaired every single button for safety. there are not many pockets in this cosplay. it's not a big issue for me as i don't plain to take this cosplay out any time soon but for some, it might be an issue. there is one breast pocket on the left side but it's pretty small. if this helps to describe it, it can fit four of my fingers smashed together(pinkie to index) which are 3.5 inches(width). but even that is a tight squeeze. there are no pockets in the waistcoat either, the pockets shown are displays. the only other openable pockets are the pants which are decent enough to fit a phone or maybe a wallet. the pants might be a bit too short around the waist and too long on the legs if you are 5'5 like me. the waist was no problem, i just favor high waisted but they were definitely too long on the legs. it wasn't too bad but if i were to take this cosplay outside, i would not want the pants to touch the ground. another issue is the waistcoat, the collar loves to bounce around. if you try to button the tailcoat it'll bounce right out of place. it's not too big of an issue, i can just carefully button the coat up but it sure is annoying. the gloves are also not good. mine had a few rips in the seams but they work the job well i think! i didn't use them though because i had better looking gloves from my goro akechi cosplay. heads up though, if you're planning to just toss the gloves like me, empty them out first!!! the phantomhive crest pin for the jacket was inside the gloves so take that out before you trash the gloves(if you do). unfortunately, the crest loves to spin around so you cant keep it up straight but its no problem with me back to positives! :D the crest is GORGEOUS, i love the details. its a small pin so you cant fit every detail and it wont be perfect but to me its gorgeous. the fabric of the button up is so heavenly, when i put it on i was just amazed. it felt so wonderful. i know i already said this but the difference of fabrics of this cosplay is so lovely. i can't express how much i love it. overall, i think this cosplay is wonderful! even if i've probably stated more cons than pros, i would suggest getting this. if you're worried on buttons falling or anything, look up how to sew/how to sew a shank button. the guide from craftsy helped me the first time i ever had to sew a shank button. (u can find me at @ihateakirakurusu on tiktok if you have any more questions about the outfit)

By Cai***hen

Jan 12 2018

Everything came in perfect. I had to order a small in mens, even though I am a woman, because I was too tall for anything in the womens sizes that would not be too big on me. The white shirt was a bit too short, but it was a perfect fit to my body, and the buttons might need a little bit of sewing to make them stay on better. The tie is a real tie, not a zipper one, and the costume comes with the Head Butler pin on the side, made of metal and good quality. I am very pleased with what I got and would order something again if I needed to.

By Mar***zon

Jul 21 2016

Love, can't wait to dress as Sebastian Michaelis for Tekko next year.

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