RWBY 7 Ruby Rose Costume de Cosplay Conjunto de Capa y Cinturón


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Women Cosplay Costume Size Chart (inch/cm)

To ensure accuracy, we recommend you to ask a friend to take the measurements for you. Also you can do it by looking in a mirror on your own. Please keep the tape snug and straight, do not pull tightly or add inches to your measurements.
Bust - Wrap the tape around your chest at the armpits, over the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades.
Waist - Wrap the tape around the natural waist, the smallest part, which is about an inch above the belly button. Keep one finger between the tape and your body.
Hips - Wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips across the hip bone.
Thigh - Measurement around the widest part of your thigh.
5Shoulder width
Shoulder width - Measurement from your left shoulder to your right shoulder on the back.
Bicep - Measurement around the widest part of your upper arm.
7Arm length
Arm length - Measurement from your shoulder to your wrist.
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Tiempo de envío: entrega rápida 3-5 días hábil(es).

Spandex, PU leather, polyester
Included Items:
Cloak, dress, corset, pantyhose, leg warmer*2, glove*2, wristband*2, belt, leg strap*2, bag*2, choker, panty
Women Cosplay Costume Size Chart (inch/cm)


Opinión de Producto

By Nat***vin

Mar 15 2023

I bought this back in February and expected it to arrive in a few months but it arrived quicker than expected (Under a month and a few weeks). The quality is incredibly good and everything arrived safely. Everything fitted well except the dress which was quite big, bigger than expected so I had to clip it to make it fit. Other than that, I high recommend buying this!

By Som**guy

Jan 21 2024

The quality of the product is notably good for the price. I was rather shocked that the model images were quite accurate to the final product. Saying that, I highly recommend reinforcing the outfit in numerous places before using it at an event. I hung out with another cosplayer in the same outfit at a convention and we both agreed on all the same paint points. First and most important.... SAFETY PINS SAFETY PINS SAFETY PINS!!! Trust me you will need them. The front of the coreset has no boning thus is just flops down constantly. You will need to safety pin this to the dress itself. The black knee highs (leg warmers?) that hold the belts up must be held up with safety pins, there is no other choice I could fine, I tried double sided tape and fashion tape to no avail. THE POUCHES HAVE TO BE REINFORCED. They are barely held on by a fraction of a thread. I tried to re-sew them back on, only to have them rip off almost immediately. Another wearer managed to glue them back on (I forget if hot glue or super glue), however she also positioned the belt pouch to the belly button to prevent it from getting stuck on everything. Saying that though, they are real pouches and awesome to have, I kept a few safety pins, emergency sewing kit, and my wallet in the big pouch. The red shorts do not go high enough. I don't know how the model is able to hide it, but there is a slip on the right side of the dress at goes up to the rib cage, but the red shorts stop at hips. This left 2-3 inches of skin exposed messing with the appearance of the outfit. I bought some high waisted red compression shorts and they worked wonders. Tall people rejoice? The cape is much longer than the model images have you believe. At 5'5", the large outfit had the cape dragging so much I had to shorten it by like 4 inches to prevent it from constantly being stepped on. Also note that the images of the cape draping over your shoulders... yeah that'll never happen. It will become a scarf 2 seconds after putting it on. I extended the neck part of the cape 4 inches in hopes it would drape over my shoulders and still had a scarf half the time. You'll only get the ideal look with safety pins. The loops for the knee highs should be reinforced, this is not as high a priority as the pouches, but I did have one of them rip on me sadly. Nothing comes in the belt for bullets, most Ruby's I saw just left them empty, but if you want to stand out, maybe 3d print some bullets. Finally the goods: The corset is real! While it doesn't have any boning to uphold a proper corset look, I had my friend cinch the heck out of it and over 3 days had no seams start to rip. The tights are surprisingly durable. Despite being machines washed, and multiple days of safety pin insertions, they still look brand new. The gloves are simple 1 layer fabric, which is perfect for what it needs to be. The dress is a single multi-tone piece which makes putting on the outfit so much easier than I was expecting The belts are rather strong. Lastly for any AMAB users, myself and another AMAB Ruby cosplayer give it a thumbs up for inclusivity.

By Ky *lum

Sep 09 2022

I ordered an XL - being aware from the sizing charts that it might be a touch small in the hips (1 inch). It is much worse than that. The shorts don’t fit at all and that’s not to mention the thigh stockings or belts, I had to punch new holes to fit them. I really wish I could give a better review, I’m just lucky I had my own shorts and skirt to replace them. Unfortunately this costume is not made for anyone with any curvature to their legs! I feel like miccostumes would benefit from making the leg accessories larger to properly fit anyone, as people with smaller legs can use one of the other holes with the buckle, instead of people with larger legs either having to make their own or punch a new hole to fit

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