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Publicado: 2024-04-20 14:16:39

It’s so soft and fits perfectly. I got a size large and while i’m tall; my lower body is bigger than my upper body. But the bottoms it comes with have some stretch to them and fit so snuggly. I was also surprised the stockings fit over my knee considering I was bigger thighs. I strongly recommend this product. The wire is nice and holds shape AMAZINGLY!! The only issue is I had to pin the tail to match the pattern of the bottoms as gravity is a thing and weighs it massively down.

Publicado: 2024-04-19 10:15:55

This cosplay is mostly great and feels comfortable to wear. gloves kinda had holes in them after i moved my hands in them and the chest plate felt a bit tight but other than that the cosplay is great and i can't wait to wear it at my next con. i hope the Natsu cosplay i order next is just as good.

Publicado: 2024-04-19 10:07:56

this cosplay is awesome! completely exceeded my expectations! I was surprised to see that miccostumes provides nicer leg warmers than pictured in the product display, a full sized button down shirt to go under the sweater, and the keychain that goes on the bag! the keychain (with a pokeball that actually opens!!) was definitely a shock to find in my package :)! as other reviewers have said, the skirt is quite short so if you are taller than 5'4 I would size up! definitely needs safety shorts, but I planned on wearing them anyways. this was totally worth purchasing and much higher quality than I expected! I can't wait to wear this cosplay to cons this summer!

Publicado: 2024-04-19 07:42:05

My boyfriend purchased the peach and bowser version of this cosplay. The fit of the top was fine however the button fell off right when I opened the cosplay. The way it was sewn was not secure. The bowser cosplay was also ordered in the same size however for some reason the straps on the top was way too long. I didn't cut off any of the return tags and tried to email for a return or exchange. The customer rep said they only refund us $7... when both of the cosplays were flawed upon arrival. The customer service rep also said that it was our fault for ordering incorrectly and it was our fault and that if we wanted a return we'd have to pay for the return label to ship it as well. Not only was the customer service rep rude but also the fact that it wasn't even our fault that the straps were too long? And the button fell off because of how badly constructed it was? But also the fact that they would expect us to pay money out of our pocket to ship out the cosplays that we spent $70 on and pay a international shipping return label and only get $7 back...Utterly outrageous. I'm beyond disgusted with how this company treats their customers. My boyfriend and I are frequent shoppers for cosplays and they definitely missed out on future sales with us because we will not be shopping with this company in the future.

Publicado: 2024-04-19 00:00:00

Honestly LOVE it soo much. Stretchy, soft material that does not scratch me at all. Super easy to put on. I would recommend this set .Pretty good value overall. Color is pretty, the fit is reasonable and forgiving with a nice stretch. For the price it’s great.

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