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Gesendet: 2018-01-22 19:34:35

This costume is super cute and very striking! The colors are beautiful, bright, and saturated, and it is really pleasing to photograph! I am 33-25-34, 5'8'', 115lbs and I got a size small. It overall fit well but was a little wider in the waist than needed, but I chose not to alter it and I just cinched it with the belt, which worked fine! The dress is a soft fleece-like fabric, it is really nice and quality. It stretches, no zipper needed. The dress is also opaque! You won't be able to see through it, even if it stretches. The belt, belt accessories, hair bow, neck scarf, bracelet, glove, and ankle warmers come with the outfit and are really nice! The glove is a suede-like material. I definitely recommend this costume if you are looking to cosplay this version of Bulma!

Gesendet: 2018-01-22 17:33:46

The wig is very soft and comfortable, though it does not have the same bangs as the picture. Probably a good thing, as the picture is inaccurate.

Gesendet: 2018-01-22 17:32:30

The costume is very comfortable to wear, though the fingers are very bulky and it makes it hard to grab anything. The accessories (mask and...belt?) are laughably inaccurate. I've seen plenty of people use this costume but discard the mask because it's simply too big and obnoxious to fit anyone's face.

Gesendet: 2018-01-22 17:30:44

10/10, looks just like the picture and feels absolutely amazing (if not a bit heavy for the length).

Gesendet: 2018-01-20 13:06:06

I bought this cosplay no more than two weeks ago and it came well before it was supposed to- about three+ weeks early! This quality is amazing and it’s very comfortable. I love how the jacket is made of multiple different fabrics rather than just leather or pleather, although I am a bit disappointed that it’s not studded on the chest (but I can do that myself). The only part I really don’t like is the glove, because there’s no detail on it, it’s way too big, and it just looks cheap, but I can hopefully alter it to make it fit better. Otherwise it’s very comfortable and looks fantastic! I will add though that I bought this cosplay for both me and my boyfriend, who is much taller than me (he’s 6’) and the jacket is a bit too tight under his arms. I bought an S because anything bigger would have been way too big for me, and he’s very thin, plus I figured it would be fine because our shoulders are similar in width, but it’s not the most comfortable on him. So if you’re thin but very tall it might be best to buy an M.

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