Sailor Moon Kino Makoto Sailor Jupiter Cosplay Costume

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Every group has its towers! IT can be you! 

Your tall features has now its benefits! It's a wonderful thing that Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Cosplay Costume is here! Make your friends watch you as you became one of the strong Sailormoon warriors! Your costume will includes One-piece Dress, Bowtie and Cuff

The Sailor Jupiter costume realizes your dream to make the same look with Sailor Jupiter in the coming Sailor Moon costume play.

Product Number 7253
Included Items

One-piece Dress, Bowtie, Cuff

Size Available in women size S, M, L, XL, and Custom-made size
Shipping Click here for Shipping and Return Policies.
Materials Uniform Cloth
Care Instructions Handwash in cold water. Line dry.
Return Eligible Yes
Available Internationally Yes
Women's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Bust 31-32/79-82 33-34/84-87 35-36/89-92 37-38/94-97 38.5-40/99-102 40.5-42/104-107
Waist 24-25.5/62-65 26-27.5/66-70 28-29.5/72-75 30.5-32/78-81 33-34/84-87 35-36.5/90-93
Hips 32-34/82-87 34-35.5/87-92 36-38/92-97 38-40/97-102 40-42/102-107 42-44/107-112
Height 4'11"-5'1"/150-155 5'1"-5'2"/155-160 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180

Men's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size XS S M L XL
Bust 31-34/79-87 33-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Waist 26-28/67-72 28-30/72-77 32-34/82-87 36-38/92-97 40-42/102-107
Hips 31-34/79-87 34-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Height 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180 5'11"-6'1‘’/180-185

Kids' Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size S M L
Height 35-43/89-110 45-51/115-130 53-59/135-150
Bust 20-23.5/52-60 23.5-26.5/60-68 26-29.5/67-75
Waist 19-22/49-56 22-24.5/56-63 24.5-27.5/63-70
Hips 22-25.5/56-65 25.5-29/65-74 29-33/74-83
Neck 12.5/32 13/34 14/36


Detail Photos:

This is a supple yet comfortable Sailor Moon Sailor Jupiter Cosplay Costume provided by a sophisticated manufacture. If you want to pop out from other Sailor Jupiter cosplayers, you should never ignore this costume

1.One-piece dress: it is made from high quality uniform cloth. You will be delighted with great comfort and durability. Moreover, it can be worn as cosplay costume as well as daily clothes.

2.Collar: the green collar is orderly stitched with the one-piece dress twice. The hemline of the collar is rolled delicately. Along the hemline a slim white stripe is well sewn on the collar.

3.Bowtie: it is made from high quality pink uniform cloth. The bowtie is firmly connected with one-piece dress because two sutures are used. A shining green crystal is tightly sewn on the bowtie

4.Bowknot: The pink bowknot(S) stitched on the back of the waist is about 49 cm long. Two sutures are used to connect the bowknot and the dress. The bowknot is stitched to the dress by pink strings, making the bowknot looks natural.

5.Cap sleeves: the cap sleeves are made up with two pieces of cloth, filled with soft cotton. Three paralleled strings are sewn on the cap sleeve, which looks exquisite.

6.Ruffles around the waist: The neat ruffles around the waist make the dress more elegant.

7.Hemline of the one-piece dress: it is well rolled by skilled handwork.

8.Zipper: The tiny zipper is stitched on the right side of the one-piece dress. The durable and smooth zipper (S) is about 40 cm long.

9.Elbow guard: the elbow guard (S) is 30 cm long and 7 cm wide. The adhesive bands on the end of the elbow guard are durable and convenient to use.

10.Neck band: The green neck band (S) is about 41 cm long and 4.5 cm wide.

11.Color: the upper part of the one-piece dress is white; the lower part of the dress and the collar are green the same color with elbow guards and neck band. The bowtie and bowknot are pink.

12.Sizes: S, M, L and XL can be chosen. For a perfect fitting, you can also customize it, charging$15.

13.Shipping: the costumes in stock can be shipped out in 24 hours. Customizing a new costume needs 3-5 days.

14.Care instruction: Wash it by hand in cold water. Good shape can be kept by lining it up after wash.

Return and refund: In 3 days, any dissatisfaction, you can ask for a return or refund.

Opinión de Producto


Jul 29 2010

This Sailor Jupiter costume is so sexy and sassy. The green color is so elegant and the pink ribbon at the back adds glamour to the costume. I really want to wear this costume for work if only allowed lol. The style seems enormous. This is so lovely.


Jul 29 2010

Love this outfit much! I got it for the costume party and I just adore how it looks. So cute and comfortable, plus it shows off my curves. Thanks for the great product.

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