Reward Points
Post On:2022-11-30 03:11:21

Who can get reward points and what's the benefit of these points?

People, who register and order at our site, will be offered with reward points. They can be discounted directly or applied to pay for your next orders. Customers with reward points can join in exclusive promotion or other activities.

How can I get reward points?

Yeh, we provide each customer reward points. There is no limitation for your order sum. Once your order is shipped out, we will update the reward point system and give you corresponding points.

Customers, who are willing to review the products you buy, can earn extra 25 reward points.

Where and when can I check my reward points?


Once you register and place an order at our site, there will be a username and password.  Just log in and click the button of “My Reward Points”, where you can see how many points you have received so far. The above picture shows the screenshot after logging in. But just pay attention to this: reward points will be given when your order is shipped out.

How can I apply my reward points?


Your reward points can be used for the future orders. After checking the amount, fill in the number of points you want to use here, which should be less than or equal to your total point number. The rest can be used later.

Can my points be accumulated? Will you clear them at a specific time?

Yes, your points can be accumulated. We WON’T clear them anytime. Just don’t worry ;). They can be used anytime.

Is there any criterion for how many points customers will get for an order?

Each $1.00 will earn 5 reward points. Each 1000 reward points can be exchanged as $10.00.

Are reward points offered based on the gross amount of an order or just the price of the product?

We will offer you reward points according to the price of the product. Shipping cost will NOT be included.