FF XIV Costume de Cosplay Venat Hydaelyn Ascian Emet-Selch Hythlodaeus Cape et Masque


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Women Tableau de Taille de Cosplay Costume (Pouce/CM)
tour de poitrine33-36/84-8237-40/94-102
tour de taille26-29.5/66-7530.5-34/78-87
tour de hanche34-38/87-9738-42/97-107

Pour assurer la précision, nous vous proposons de demander à un ami de prendre les mesures pour vous. Vous pouvez aussi le faire en regardant vous-même dans un miroir. Veuillez maintenir le centimètre bien ajusté et droit, ne le tirez pas trop fort ni trop lachement.
1Tour de Poitrine
Tour de Poitrine - Passez le centimètre autour de votre poitrine à l'endroit le plus large (sous les aisselles et sur les omoplates autour de votre dos).
2Tour de Taille
Tour de Taille - Passez le centimètre autour de la taille naturelle, la plus petite partie, qui est d'environ un pouce au-dessus du nombril. Gardez un doigt entre le centimètre et votre corps.
3Tour de Hanche
Tour de Hanche - Passez le centimètre autour de la partie la plus large de vos hanches.
4Tour de Cuisse
Tour de Cuisse - Mesurez autour de la partie la plus large de votre cuisse.
5Largeur des Épaules
Largeur des Épaules - Placez à plat le centimètre à mesurer de l’épaule gauche à l’épaule droite sur le dos.
6Tour du Bras
Tour du Bras - Mesurez dans la partie la plus large de l’arrière-bras.
7Longueur du Bras
Longueur du Bras - Prenez la mesure en partant du début de l'épaule jusqu'à le poignet.
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daim, cuir pu
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cape, masque, sacoche
Women Tableau de Taille de Cosplay Costume (Pouce/CM)
tour de poitrine33-36/84-8237-40/94-102
tour de taille26-29.5/66-7530.5-34/78-87
tour de hanche34-38/87-9738-42/97-107



By 谷口 紀

Jan 09 2024


By Sar***one

Sep 07 2023

I love these robes - the material is heavy and soft, and the hoop skirt underneath is 100% of the reason I went with this costume over any other. I'm usually a 2XL women's in US sizes and this robe in L/XL does fit me, though it's a little snug about the chest and shoulders. The robe is made of 100% polyester and the mask it comes with is probably fake leather - the robes are very warm. I run hot so I start sweating in an average temperature room after a few minutes because the material is heavy and doesn't breathe well, so I'm planning to modify my robes by adding secret underarm panels for some breathability. I'm also planning on replacing the tassels, which are one cord that loops over the neck and through two little loops sewn onto the shoulders of the robes, but it was very easy to take the tassels that came with it off. The tassel dangle bit is made of a long screw (not sharp) with a nut (knut?) fastening the dangly black bit to the plastic silver and clear bits and when you unscrew the nut, all the objects fall off the tassel cord except the screw which fits back through the loop so it's easy to pull right out and replace. Putting the tassel back together when I was done removing it from the robe was easy too so it can be reused or replaced on the robes without a problem. The mask is like a fake leather, it bends very easily and attaches to the tassels with little silver hairclips like you would see on cheap flower hairclips, but they do the trick nicely to keep the mask on the tassel cords. The zipper on the robes goes down to about mid chest, otherwise you have to pull it over your head or step into it. My hoop skirt was black instead of white, but I don't mind. It also had additional mesh for additional volume on top of the hoop; I really like the way the hoop skirt makes the robes fall and move when I walk, though I need to hem the robes because I'm short and I might do the hoop skirt as well. The hoop skirt was definitely small; it fit one thigh at first, but I was able to bully it the rest of the way up and at worst, I could have sewn it onto shorts or other pants instead. Despite the robes being very warm and a little small on me, I really am very happy with my purchase, and I ended up ordering a second pair for my partner so we can cosplay together - they'll fit them much better as they're smaller than me and run cold, so they're pleased the robes will be warm. This was all information I would have found helpful before buying, so I wanted to share.

By Jul***yen

Feb 12 2023

Very beautiful and high quality cosplay! Easy to put on and comfortable. Length might be a bit long/drag on the floor if you are short, but it is easy to hide platform shoes under to make yourself taller.

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