Makeup and Wig Tutorial for Maka Albarn in Soul Eater
Post On:2015-02-11 03:02:47
1. Put on green contacts to fit Maka's eye color.
2. You can put on double eyelid stickers if you want to make eyes bigger.
3. Brush the eyelid and the outer corner of the eyewith brown color eye shadow to go with maka's hair color.
4. Draw the eyeliner, draw a little longer at the end to make eyes bigger.
5. Use thick and long false eyelashes. Put glue one the eyelash and then stick to the upper eyelid.
6. You can also stick lower false eyelash below the eyes, which will make the eyes look even bigger. 
7. Use Lip balm and then use pink lipstick, pink fits girls like Maka.
8. Whole makeup of the face is finished.
9. Put the wig on the manikin.
10. Cut temples to be a little longer than the chin.
11. Tie the two pigtails to be hinger than the ears like Maka's.
12. Wear the wig, the bang is uncut.
13. Cut the bang to the length of half the nose.
14. Maka Albarn's basic makeup and wig is ready~