Jonas Jödicke, aka JoJoesArt, was born in June 1994 in Berlin, Germany.
He is one of six siblings and found himself creating and imagining fantastic worlds ever since he can remember.

This piece is quite different from JoJoesArt's usual artworks. It was done for a charity auction by the organization "Heart Research UK", which He will be part of.

Miccostumes was attracted by this special design in the beginning, after learning the story behind it, we immediately decided to contact the designer and confirmed authorization cooperation with him. Then we designed current products based on the special meaning of design and our own ideas.

Mentioned in the designer's own words, many people are stuck in a 'cage' of physical, and still healing from living in a 'cage' of harmful thoughts and beliefs. But we still believe in a higher being that is guiding us and helping us to become my best self. We hope to draw attention to the "heart" through this meaningful design.

What is a cage you want to break free from?

Heart Cage
Onesie Pajama Costume
5 Sizes Available:
Women S - Women XXL