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投稿: 2017-12-13 23:16:42

Shipping was 3 weeks, which was expected. I bought the small size since that's my usual US/canadian size. The vest, arm bands and belt are all perfectly sized. I'm going to have to adjust the tube top and bring it in a bit because it's a tad too big. It stays on but slips down a little if I move too much - for reference I'm a bust 34B/C. As for the skirt it fits (size hips 36), but is extremely short, significantly shorter than what it appears on the model in the pictures here. It fits Lucy's anime style, but limits the poses I'll be comfortable doing with it on. Overall, for the price I paid (around 40CND on special) I'm satisfied with the costume.

投稿: 2017-12-12 09:19:48

Great cosplay. I got this while it was on sale for Halloween for about $35. Definitely, got my moneys worth out of it. I highly recommend this cosplay! Feel free to ask me question and will be posting more pictures on my page soon: www.facebook.com/cosplaycassiepage

投稿: 2017-12-11 14:44:43

This suit is very comfortable and looks nice! The only issues I have with it would be the tail being a bit awkward to work with and it's a bit looser than I thought it would be. I'm 5'4" and my measurements for the most part fall within the "Large" sizing from the size chart (excluding my height and chest); however, it was surprisingly loose. I possibly could have better fit into the medium. I have a bust slightly larger than the measurements posted for the "Large" and I still had quite a bit of room. The hood felt a bit short for the jumpsuit to me, but that may just be me being extremely picky with how I like hoods. Overall, GREAT suit for the price and very comfortable and light weight!

投稿: 2017-12-11 12:29:21

The tank top is made of very soft, comfortable fabric with beautiful care in the design. As well as the shirt, the pants are very comfortable and roomy for the thighs. There is no fear in tearing or ripping them which is a plus. The jacket is of perfect length in the sleeves and fits perfectly with my body measurements. I am not going to complain about the small details that are missing because overall, the cosplay is a win and perfect for anyone that wants to cosplay Hinata. I recommend this cosplay to everyone who believes they make the perfect Hyuuga clan member.

投稿: 2017-12-08 17:53:17

I ordered a medium, this is my second purchase from miccostumes! Came pretty quickly but it got stuck at customs for a while :( I think they lost my package. This was pretty darn tight on me... however I gained 10 lbs, so it seems to be a true medium (5'4" normally 120lbs) Its beautiful. It came with all the pieces and in great condition.