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投稿: 2018-03-19 13:53:22

Viel zu Groß für S Größe. Die Kniestrümpfe rutschen immer wieder runter und das Oberteil ist viel zu groß und steht unten ab. Schade, vielleicht XS Größen herstellen lassen?

投稿: 2018-03-19 11:12:30

Absolutely beautiful! It's so soft and has just the right amount of curls.

投稿: 2018-03-17 05:50:56

Hi! I'm from france and really would like to buy it for carnival in my school but i need to receive it before 29th march... Is that possible?

投稿: 2018-03-17 01:49:50

I LOVE this costume! It's absolutely beautiful and the material it is made out of is no joke, definitely NOT a flimsy costume. It is sturdy and very well made with an attention to detail. It fits very nicely. I ordered a size small because my measurements fit into that size aside from my height. My height is 5"8, and the top piece/leotard is a little bit small and pushing it for my height as far as a massive wedgie, but adding another inch or two of fabric into the bottom of the leotard will easily solve the problem to be a perfect fit. The skirt is not to short, covers enough to be comfortable. It is very interesting to put on, and I recommend legs first, then pulling it over your head and quickly stuffing your arms in and pulling it into place. Taking it off is the same way but reversed. All of the accessories are amazing! The gloves fit perfectly. I was sad that the nylon stockings arrived torn (a run), but it is no problem as they are replaceable. I ordered the wig along with my costume and it is phenomenal! Already styled and ready to wear. I have black hair, and it was thick enough to not show the tracks or my actual hair color anywhere. Overall, absolutely amazing and the shop owner is very very nice! My shipping was very fast as well, I ordered it on March 11th, and it arrived on March 16th to my home in California. I will be ordering my boyfriends 9S costume from here as well in the next couple of days!! Highly recommend!!!

投稿: 2018-03-15 08:40:46

The quality is really great and the size on point, i love thm !