New Arrival on Feb. 22 – Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume

The product line has been drastically broadened when Halloween costumes and branded Lolita clothes are uploaded. Once you have a costume idea, don’t be hesitant to let us know now :D.

Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume_1

Today, Ouran High School Host Club cosplay costume is reviewed here. Like these detailed product pictures show to you, this costume is designed and elaborately sewn to be faithful to the fictional style. It’s made from high-quality cotton, which features clear and smooth texture. The cloth can be easily cleaned and kept to be smooth. Here, a shirt, coat, trousers and necktie are provided. Since both regular sizes (S,M, L and XL) and custom-made service are available, everybody can do a vivid cosplay performance here, once you want!

Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume_2
Ouran High School Host Club Cosplay Costume_3

Great accuracy on each small detail, deluxe quality and refined handwork are ensured on any costume in our store. At last, fast shipping yet reasonable price are promised. This Ouran High School costume is sold on $62.81. Easy exchanging and returning policy is embraced here. Any question from you will be replied ASAP. So, pay a visit to our store now?

New Arrival on Feb. 21 – Macross Frontier Alto Saotome Cosplay Costume

Does the more succinct interface facilitate your shopping at We will continue to upgrade, just aiming to better cater to more cosplay devotees’ needs ;). Today, Macross Frontier Alto Saotome cosplay costume is introduced. Available on $53.78, it brings you all desired features.

Macross Frontier Alto Saotome Cosplay Costume_1

First of all, you will only have a great time with a comfortable costume. For sure, this is also the first aspect taken into our consideration. High-quality cotton is always used here. It’s believed this cloth is easy to be cleaned, looking and feeling great. But to make you are sure of this, detailed product pictures are shown here, which are all taken by ourselves. Clear and smooth texture can be seen on the cloth.

Second, wonderful accuracy is ensured on the costume. It’s not difficult to achieve this for professional designers. Before cutting off the cloth, tailors always elaborately analyze the fictional style. Here, a shirt, trousers and necktie are provided. They are ensured to be faithful to what you have ever seen in the original manga. Since regular size S, M, L, XL and also Custom-Made size can be both chosen, everybody will be able to do a vivid Alto Saotome cosplay here.

Macross Frontier Alto Saotome Cosplay Costume_2

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New Arrival on Jan. 30 – Street Fighter Chun Li Black Cosplay Costume

Except the blue one, we also offer you this Street Fighter Chun Li black cosplay costume, sold on $81.44. Like any other displayed in our store, it’s an elaborately made item, making you look the same with the imaginary role and feel comfortable. Believe it or not, this costume will be the long-awaited item for you, since it has already ideally catered to most cosplay fans’ needs :P!

Street Fighter Chun Li Black Cosplay Costume_1

First, whether the Chun Li costume is faithful to what’s described in the original manga or not becomes the most crucial aspect you will consider, right? Here, real product pictures are all taken by ourselves, helping you clearly know each small detail of the costume. A cheongsam, sash and hair accessories are provided. Wonderful accuracy is guaranteed everywhere. Second, the costume is made from deluxe satin, looking rather glossy.

Street Fighter Chun Li Black Cosplay Costume_2

We offer international shipping in a fast way anytime. Once you are interested in this popular performance art, we will always delight you. This Chun Li costume is available on regular size S, M, L and XL. But to make it fit everybody, we also offer custom-made service. Now, check it out or visit to see more choices?

New Arrival on Jan. 21 – Street Fighter Ryu Adult Cosplay Costume

All products at are sold with 10% discount during the coming festival (from Jan 22nd to 28th). Featuring classy quality and great accuracy, cosplay costumes and any other item offered here will delight you. They are all manufactured in our own factory, better guaranteeing the quality. So, check out your long-awaited item now?

Street Fighter Ryu Adult Cosplay Costume_1

Here, Street Fighter Ryu Adult cosplay costume is reviewed. All the time, Ryu cosplay leads a big force in this field. To complete the vivid look, this costume will be the must-have item for you. It includes a jacket, trousers and sash. In spite of the unadorned style, designers have still made an elaborate analysis about the fictional style before cutting the cloth, ensuring 100% similarity. With real product pictures taken by ourselves, you can more clearly know the feature of the costume, right?

Street Fighter Ryu Adult Cosplay Costume_2

You can visit our store to see all Street Fighter costumes. Shop here, you will always be delighted by deluxe comfort on each costume. This one is also made from classy cotton, which can be easily washed in cold water and feels incredibly supple and ventilated. Ryu costume is sold on $95.31 here. Regular size S, M, L and XL can be chosen. But most people still tend to let their costumes to be customized. We offer worldwide shipping. Check out the Ryu costume here.

New Arrival on Jan. 20 – Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Cosplay Costume

To celebrate the coming festival, we offer each customer large discount from Jan 22nd to 29th. Here, a new arrival in our costume factory is introduced to you – Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Cosplay Costume. As the name implies, it helps you complete a vivid Charlotte Aulin cosplay.

Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Cosplay Costume_1

Sold on $78.27, Charlotte Aulin costume features classy quality and also really expected accuracy. First of all, high-quality cotton is used to make this costume. With smooth texture and feeling incredibly supple and ventilated, it must make you feel great throughout the show. To make the costume look the same with what’s described in the original game, experienced designers have made elaborate analysis about the costume style before cutting off the cloth. Here, detail pictures are taken by ourselves. A shirt, skirt, shawl, wrist guard and necktie are offered. Take a closer look, you must be delighted by accuracy level of the costume.

Castlevania Charlotte Aulin Cosplay Costume_2

All the time, we offer custom-made service. When regular size S, M, L and XL don’t fit you, just let your costume to be customized. International shipping is supported at You are ensured to receive your order quickly anytime. So, check out this Charlotte Aulin costume on $78.27? Or visit our homepage to see all deluxe cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, Halloween costumes, Lolita clothes etc?