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How is the Couple Cosplay Contest Going?

Application is being accepted at present. And the contest will end at Feb. 28. Winners will be announced on Feb. 29. Now, send us your cosplay photos to join in? 31 pairs of cosplayers have already joined in our couple cosplay contest. And so far, below participants take over the lead. Top 1: Tamago & [...]
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We Will Take a Holiday (Jan. 22 – 28)

Dear cosplay, anime/manga, game, movie fans, huge thanks for close attention for us all the time. Since there will be a festival in our country soon, we will also take a holiday from Jan. 22nd to 28th. So, we will be unable to reply to your questions during this period. But just email us anytime. [...]
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Winners in December Naruto Contest Announced!!!

Congratulations, Xylina, Sandra and Marianna. You have won out in the Naruto contest held by us in December. As promised, we will sponsor each of you a free Naruto costume listed in the price zone ! So, here are the final polls each participant gets: Top 1. Xylina: 1004 in all, including 989 on Facebook, [...]
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Naruto Cosplay Contest Dec. – Roxana Hünnekens

Cosplayer Bio: Name: Roxana Hünnekens Gender: Female Nationality: Germany Social Networks: Facebook Twitter Deviantart Tumblr Hello, my name is Roxana and I ´m a 17 years old girl, who lives in Germany. At the moment I’m in grade 11, I tried to do my best for a good A-Level, because I want to study psychology. [...]
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Naruto Cosplay Contest Dec. – Angel Mariel

Cosplayer Bio Name: Angel Mariel Gender: Female Nationality: Filipino Socail Network: Facebook Twitter Blogger Hi! My name is Mariel. I am a blogger and a cosplayer. Before, I used to go to anime conventions, take photos of the cosplayers, and post it on my blog. I thought it would remain that way. However, the passionate [...]
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Naruto Cosplay Contest Dec. – Letícia Mendonça

Cosplayer Bio Name: Letícia Mendonça Gender: Female Nationality: Brazil Socail Network: Facebook DeviantART Twitter Hi, my name is Letícia hahaha I live in BR, in a small town. I’m 18 years old, i love to sing, play piano, play video games and read books hahaha. I love to cosplay , of course, and i want [...]
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Winners Announced!!! (November)

Cosplay talents, huge thanks for all of you! Two winners in Nov. have been born just now. Congratulations, Andrew Voraboud and Pennelophy Soriano! To make the contest impartial, everybody is the judge. Votes, gotten by “like” on Facebook and helping prompting this contest, have been added up. So, Andrew got 613 votes on Facebook. Pennelophy [...]
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How to Win the Cosplay Sponsor Contest?

How to win a cosplay contest Once you are fond of cosplay and have plenty of social resources to prompt yourself and also our site, don’t be hesitant to join in our cosplay contest now. Here is a guide, helping you row over easily. 1. Join early and propagandize continually. We accept application forms from [...]
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Cosplay Sponsor Contest – How Is It Going?

We will update an article every week here, informing you about the latest situation of the cosplay sponsor contest. 29 professional cosplayers have joined in the contest. Andrew Voraboud, Pennelophy Soriano and Melrosa Le are participants who took over the lead till 10th Nov. But how is the contest going till now? Three participants taking [...]
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