LOL Akali

How to Make League of Legends Blood Moon Akali Mask For Cosplay

“Honor is the blade’s edge” , while we are not talking about blades today, what we focus on is the cosplay mask for  the Fist of Shadow Blood Moon Akali.

Main materials:

  1. 5mm and 10mm thick EVA sheets,
  2. Latex
  3. White, red and lake blue propylene
  4. Red ribbon
  5. Tissue

Firstly, get your measurements right and outline an ellipse of the face shape on a 5mm

thick EVA sheet. Cut it and we got a basic pattern.

Then, at the four corners, cut off a small triangle piece separately, and try to stand the mask to check out the  expected shape. If need, cut small slice of EVA off too at the two sides.

When done with that, glue the edges together and attach 4 horns as pictured.Akali aDraw eyes and mouth shallowly and hollow them out.

As to the figures on the face, draw it on the 3mm thick EVA sheet and cut it off.

Check out the whereabouts first and glue it on as the picture below:Akali bTo make this easy to carry, we will make the sharp angels detachable.

Use 10mm thick EVA sheet to create the angles, it is also acceptable to adopt two 5 thick EVA sheet. As to how to  fasten them on the mask,  add two round buckles at the backside. You can insert the angles in and strengthen it with glue or double faced  adhesive tape. Akali c

Akali dBrush latex and wrap the angle with tissues. When it got dried, apply one more layer of latex. Shape the angle a  little before it fully dried.

Iron wires also work, but it is too heavy, you may try other materials.

Then color it into golden.Akali eNext big step is coloring on the face. You can easily mess up at this step, so be careful and refer to the art image  at times. We made it and check out how it looks like, It isn’t that hard as thought, right?Akali fThis is not an end, we are just finishing the mask part, and we will share a tutorial on how to make the Akali  weapon very soon, so stay tuned.

Moreover, the Nurse Akali costume has been available at together with

other League of Legends cosplays. As for the Blood Moon Akali costume, just a few more day to come.

LOL Blood Moon

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lol LUX

League of Legends Star Guardian Lux Eye Makeup Tutorial For Cosplay

Dreamy pink, powerful magic, pretty look and damage caused, that’s our Lady of Luminosity Star Guardian Lux!

Among all the League of Legends Lux skins, the Star Guardian has the most notable makeup,  to cosplay and re-creat this character, you cannot miss this tutorial.


  1. eyeshadow set,
  2. Plum red eyeshadow stick,
  3. black and white eyeliners,
  4. brushs and false eyelash

Check out the colors marked with letters first, which will later play the magic to turn you into Lux!Lux aTest the colors on your arm as the skin situation varys according to different people.Lux bWe will skip the foundation part.

To start with, choose color code f and apply it in the lower eyelid area.

Spread and shade the eyshadow with color  g.

For the part near the eyebrow, weaken it with color e.Lux cLux dLine the lower lash line with f color, and gently brush it.Lux eThen use white eyeliner to draw the lower lash line. Brush some light pink(color code h) at the under eye area.Lux fNext, draw a reclining V at the corner of the upper eye lash with a plum red eyeshadow stick.

The tail should trend upward a little as pictured.Lux gOpen the eye, it turns out great.Lux hPencil the inner eyelids to make the eye brighter.Lux iWhen done with that, wear false eye lashs and cut off the spare lashes at the outer corner of the eye.

As to the eyebrow makeup, keep the character brow shape in mind and draw it with eye shadow stick.Yes, Lux has red brows! So do it.

If you are not good at this, outline the shape first. also brush it to make it natural.

The last step is to highlight.  Pick out the white eyeshadow(color code i ) and apply some below the  brow ridge.

Finally, we are finishing it!Lux k

what would you say about it?LOL LUX

And what also needs to be mentioned is that we have upgraded the Star Guardian Lux costume, and it’s newly avaible at miccostumes cosplay store! It will be your loss if you do not take a look since there are more other League of Legends cosplay ready.

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LOL katarina

How to Make League of Legends Katarina Daggers For Cosplay

“If you run, you won’t see me stab you!”


You will play with knifes and gravers in this tutorial, but definitely you wouldn’t get yourself  stabbed.  Follow these easy steps and start creating the so called Katarina’s Blades.


Main materials:

  1. 5mm and 3mm thick PVC panels
  2. PVC tubes of 5cm or 3cm diameter
  3. Iron wire
  4. Glue
  5. Utility knife, graver
  6. Propylene, Aerosol


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Final Fantasy

How to Style Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Wig For Cosplay

If you cosplay, you will figure out in the whole process, styling the wig is the very step you can not even try to skip. You can get the costume and props at local or online stores, while you can hardly get a wig which has been styled perfectly for your face. We will constantly provide some wig styling tutorials, today, we are focusing on how to style Final Fantasy Cloud Strife wig for cosplay. (more…)

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seraph of the end

How to Make Seraph of The End Shinoa Hiragi Scythe For Cosplay

The demon weapon Shikama Dōji has been the typical symbol of  Shinoa Hiragi,  any one who wants to cosplay  this character can not neglect the scythe. Therefore, in this tutorial, we are providing a way  of home-making the Shinoa weapon for cosplayers. (more…)

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