Fate stay night

How To Make Fate Stay Night Saber Armors For Cosplay

We shared a tutorial for making the Fate Stay Night Archer twin swords  before , well,

this time we will focuse on Saber armors. The whole set Saber armor set consists of chestplate,

gauntlets and gloves , waist armor, shin and shoes armor, we will cover chest armor first in this article.

Materials: Knife, pencil, paperboard, EVA sheets of 3mm and 5mm thickness.

Rivets of 6mm diameter, heat gun, hot melt glue, glue, black paint, silver paint,

Black propylene and Blue propylene.saber aTrace the shape on the 5mm thick EVA sheet and cut it off. Separate the collar piece. saber b

Glue the 4 triangles together, add an extra triangle piece to the joint near the stomach.saber cWhen the glue drys out, turn it over and get it plumped. saber d

Blow it all over both sides with a heat gun.
Place it onto a big ball and press with hands, this will make the arc more natural.

Warm the lower chest part a little, and lift the edge up with fingers as pictured.saber gGlue the front chest piece and back piece together.saber h

Based on the previous paper pattern, draw the figures needed.

Trace the figure shape onto the 3mm thick EVA sheet, make the pieces at two sides symmetrical.saber iPaste the figures on to the chestplate base we made before.

Make sure the whereabouts first and then glue.saber jAfter gluing all the small pieces on, cut off the spapre part.saber k

Check out if all the pieces are carefully gluded and in good condition.

Same way to make the backside piece: draw pattern, trace it on the EVA sheet and cut. saber l

Past the quadrilateral pieces onto the back armor base. saber m

Similarly, heat the lower edge and unwrap it up. saber nGlue it onto the back armor, as you can see from the picture bellow, there will be

a gap at the chest side. Then we will take care of the collar and similar steps like

what we talked above. You need to bevell outwardly when cuting the EVA figure.

saber o

After gluing the small figure onto the collar base, heat the backface and arch it.

On the chestplate below the collar, add a rivet at each side. In care the rivets may fall off,

apply some glue as well. Only some details left to be handled.

To make the chain like design between each pieces, we need to draw it first precisely

and then get rid of it. saber p

saber qCreat the chain piece out of 3mm thick EVA sheet, it should be 1.7cm longer than

the small notch we made before. For your reference, the piece length we cut off is 2-2.5cm.

You will see from the photo below, glue the chain piece on.saber r

And we are almost done with the general armor shape. What’s left is coloring!

The Saber cosplays as well as other Fate Stay Night costumes have been available,

check them out at miccostumes.com. We will later share the tutorials for creating

the gauntlets and waist armor, stay focused.

saber t

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akali cosplay

How To Make League Of Legends Blood Moon Akali Weapon For Cosplay

Previously, we shared a tutorial on creating the Blood Moon Akali mask for cosplay, now here is how to make the weapons.

1. 8mm thick PVC sheets,
2. PVC tubes of 20mm diameter
3. Hot melt glue
4. Red paint spray, golden propylene
5. Red ribbon
6. 5mm and 1mm thick EVA sheets

Outline the shape on 8mm thick PVC sheet and cut along the line. Cutting the pattern is a real tough work, especially on PVC.LOL akali aWhen done with that, Glue two pieces into a whole.
If you donot want to work too hard on the cutting, you can also try 3 pieces PVC sheets of 5mm thickness.


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How to Style Naruto Kakashi Hatake Wig For Cosplay

Hero of the Sharingan, friend-killer, Sixth Hokage all in one, that’s Kakashi Hatake. If you

are a kakashi fan or about to cosplay him, you can not miss this tutorial for shaping his typical

spiky silver hair style.

What to prepare:

  1. Hair spray,
  2. curling iron,
  3. scissors,
  4. comb.

kakshi a

According to the character image, we need to make spikes and orient the overhead hairs to the

left side. Firstlt, put the wig on the dummy head and generally part the hair in sections.kakshi c

As it is known he wears a head band, so the key is overhead hairs.

Make sure hairs at which sections should be lifted up and spare few hairs as fringe.

kakashi d

Cut the hair near the forehead into suitable length,kakashi e

After that, trim the side burn hairs.kakashi f

Then cut the back head hairs from the top.kakashi g

Similar way to trim the hairs lower to the neck, make it short.

kakashi h

Trim the side hairs into length and thin it hard because the forehead protector will

influence the whole shape if we don’t make it thinner.

kakashi iAfter done with the cutting, part the hair in sections once again and get ready to spray.

kakashi jApply some spray at the root of the hair and hold it up

kakashi kAfter standing the overhead hair up, trim the bang into suitable length.

kakashi lApply some spray to keep it in shape.

kakashi mThin the hair at the top slightly,

kakashi nShape the back head part hair with hands

kakashi oAgain, thin the hair at this section, and we are finishing it

kakashi pkakashi q

Put on the forehead protector and mask, let’s see how does it looks like on our cosplayer :kakashi r

Kakashi costume and other Naruto cosplays including characters from Boruto: Naruto the Movie

can be found at miccostumes.

kakashi s


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Fairy tail

How to Style Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Wig For Cosplay

There are too many to tell when it comes to this powerful mage ” Salamander”. What are

Natsu Dragneel’s most prominent features? The member’s stamp, signature scaly white

scarf ,pink-colored spiky hair and so on. We will cover the hairstyle part and share the

experience of shaping the wig, hope it would be helpful for cosplayers.

The original look on a dummy head:

natsu aAs always, get scissors, gel, comb and character image ready before hand.
Natsu’s hair is spiky style with tilted frisette, keep this in mind before we get started.natsu bWe will generally cut the hair into suitable length and then style.

Trim the hair from the top, then lift the hair up and see if it’s still overlong.


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jojo cosplay

How to Style JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Josuke Higashikata Wig For Cosplay

Speaking of Josuke Higashikata features, usually what comes first to the mind is the well

-maintained pompadour.  As we all know that his special hairstyle is after an unknown man

who saved his life as a child. To cosplay Josuke, styling the wig becomes important, so in this

article we are sharing a detailed tutorial for cosplayers to shape the pompadour hairstyle.

What to prepare:

  1. A chignon of long strip shape (a spongeor any strip shaped flexible stuff)
  2. Scissors
  3. Hot melt glue
  4. Styling gel
  5. Hair spray

jojo aFirst big step is to make the pomp shape swept upward forehead.Get a long wig of similar color, and cut off a bunch of hair which is to be twined onto the blacklong chignon. To ensure the after style, it’s better to cut from the back. (Length as pictured below) It can be thinner as long as the purple hair can fully cover  the black strip.jojo bUse a hot glue gun to apply a layer of glue onto the black strip first and then add the purple  hairs.jojo cTo make the hair glued firmly, you need to press it a little. But it might be too hot to touch immediately after the hot glue gun, do this one or two minutes later.jojo dWhen one end is fixed, twine the hair around the black strip.jojo eAdd the glue repeatedly at each half turn, similar way to get the overlapping hair fixed.Keep doing  this and make the purple hair laying firmly.jojo fjojo gIf you ran out of the hair and the strip is yet not entirely covered, cut another strip of purple hairand,  and repeat the steps above.jojo hIt will take much time and patience, well with insistence, you will get a fresh new purple longchignon.  Try it on the dummy head and bend it to shape.jojo iNext big step is to trim the basic wig.Cut the long hair short firstly. Do not throw away what you cut off, it can be useful later. And alsoremenber to leave the hair at the top and the bang alone.jojo jWhen done with the length cutting, thin it. And the wig will look like: jojo kjojo lStep three, combine the long strip with basic wig.Locate the bonding point:jojo mIf you directly glue the strip onto the wig, it can not stand firmly.So lift the hair up, apply some glue, then place a layer of hair down and stick. jojo nSimilarly, you need to use fingers to press the hair when gluing. After above repeated process, the hair at this point gets stable and we can move on. jojo oApply some glue again and quickly attach the strip on. You need to press it for a while.jojo pjojo qAdd more glue at the joint and make sure they stand as a whole. jojo rLocate the another end and starting gluing. We are getting much closer to the pomp shape we are

desiring forjojo sTwine the fringe hair and the untrimmed hair on.  Add glue and hold it for secondsjojo tjojo ujojo vThen we will make the overhead curls.When trimming the wig, we kept the spare hair, now take out some curls, if there is not enough, curl the straight ones with a curling iron.Bed the hair and add some glue, then cover another layer of curls and press with hands.jojo cosIt is like a cloud of curly hairs, put it on the top of the head and check whether the size and shape

fit or not.jojo cos aThen glue the hair cloud on the top of the head.jojo cos bFill in the empty with spare hairs to make it much plump. Break the curl with scissors, it will look

more natural.jojo cos dThen we will move to style the side hair and back side hairs.

Get a section of short hairs and thin it. Tile and glue it on a desk . When it shapes up, tear it off.

jojo cos cLocate and glue it as temple hair jojo cos eHair spray over the head and style accordingly.jojo cos fThe side hair trends backward, so use some gel and shape it jojo cos gNow, we are done with the crazy hairstyle for this savvy, confident and courageous teenager!jojo cos hjojo cos iHere is how the wig looks like on our cosplayer, quite identical and natural, right?jojo cospFor your convenience, Josuke Higashikata costumes, both navy version and purple version, have

been available at miccostumes.com together with Jotaro Kujo cosplay. josuke

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