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發布: 2022-01-22 18:15:40

Beautiful Cosplay ! I'm so "Ultra" Happy

發布: 2022-01-22 05:22:41

It was for me the first purchase from Miccostumes and I enjoy the quality except the stars that aren't shiny like the first picture (actually are flat silicon starfish, as said above). But the costume is very qualitative, soft and can be used for pajama, everyday, shooting photo, cosplay in con...etc I'm 1m65 and got the L size. The pant is very large but also very confortable. There is a zipper between legs and it's handy/practical, I think. The shipping was very fast, (i'm from France) as excepted, I'm happy. all the pics are by me except the last one (it was by Fokuza ; Oak)

發布: 2022-01-21 13:37:58

i ordered it mostly for the jacket and it's pretty good, thought it was gonna have a hood but it's just like a really big collar which is kinda strange imo. other than that the material is really nice! it's a deep purple yet reflective in like pink ish. the pants were way too small for me yet the top was too big, so if youre even somewhat thicc thighed yet flat chested you gon have to either order a size up and sew the top smaller or deal w literally your entire ass out lol (i ordered S and i'm 162cm and abt 55kg). the belt is waaaayy too big, literally like an xl belt compared to the pants lol (its ezpz to sew shorter tho). the mask is fucking hilariously big, it literally wouldnt fit a single soul on this planet. gloves were kinda small but theyre a bit stretchy so if you got tiny hands they work. the cap is kinda cheap lookin ngl. i had some loose threads here and there but they're an easy fix. shipping was as usual, abt 2-3 weeks in europe. overall id recommedn it if youve got some skills in sewing, cus you'll definitely have to fix some things unless youre the magical perfect size lol.

發布: 2022-01-21 13:12:16

such a beautiful pareo. I love it and wear it everywhere! awesome

發布: 2022-01-21 06:10:04

Definitely my favourite cosplay from MicCostumes I've ever gotten. Feels extremely comfortable (saying a lot for Byleth's design) for the design, everything fits comfortably and the only issue was a button on the back of her collar popped off randomly. Covered by her wig regardless and fixed with a safety clip, lmao. (2nd pic by the awesome Michael Liao!)


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