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Men Cosplay Costume Size Chart (inch/cm)

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Serious, stoic and intelligent, that's typical Jotaro.
Jotaro Kujo is the first JoJo introduced with a Stand and is among
the most well-known characters of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.
He is the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders and appears prominently
in Diamond Is Unbreakable, and again in a key role in Stone Ocean.
Men Cosplay Costume Size Chart (inch/cm)


  • Anime Costumes
Product Number jojo_c_1
Included Items Coat, shirt, belts, trousers, hat, chains accessory
Size Men S, M, L, XL
Shipping Standard shipping / Economy shipping
Material PU leather
Return Eligible Yes
Available Internationally Yes
Gender Male

Product Review

By Rebecca Whitman

Jan 24 2018

Okay so I'm gonna list the pros/cons summary and then I'll explain why just in case someone is looking for a quick review. Pros: - Good Material - Mostly well made - Looks almost exactly as described Cons: - Some of it looked cheap - The size chart doesn't exactly help with every clothing piece I ordered a Men's M because originally all of my measurements corresponded with the Men's L, but when it came, it was entirely too big, so I went down a size. 1.) The product overall is well made. The jacket is great and definitely worth it, but it does get super hot because of the material it is made of. 2.) Most of the product is well made, including the jacket, the shirt, the pants, and the belts looked pretty okay to me. 3.) Everything looked exactly as described. 4.) The little pin that is separate looks cheaply made an scratched up. I'm going to have to repaint it as well as the cheap chain to get a better gold color. Also the buttons come off very easily, I already had to resew one on. 5.) As mentioned before, despite my measurements corresponding with a men's L (I've measured myself dozens of times before, they were not wrong), the sizing was off. Although I went down a size, the pants no longer fit, so be wary: If you're a little chunky like I am, some parts of the costume may not fit. But for me I'm not entirely upset about that since I plan to replace the pants anyway. All in all, I give it a 3/5. It's not awful, but because some of it is cheaply made/the sizing, that's what took it away for me.

By Arnela Alic

Jan 08 2018

I am a smaller woman, so I expected the men's small to still be rather large on me. I ordered this expecting it to be exactly like the picture, which it was. Unfortunately, the area where the chain is suppose to go is sewn shut, and the chain itself has no possible way of attaching, it's just a solid piece with no openings. Belt's are okay, material is..interesting to say the least. Hopefully i can iron it to smooth it out so it doesn't look so crushed. Hat is just a hat, sorta sad about that, but I can live with. Probably replacing the shirt and the pants. Overall 4 stars.

By HunnyBun Cosplay

Jul 05 2016

This was my first time ordering from Miccostumes. -I am a 5"4, 125lb female - I ordered a mens small because that is all that was available. As far as fitting goes: the jackets arms/sleeves are a bit wide, and the pants are way too baggy. I accounted for this though, and it IS a mens size cosplay so just keep that in mind. I plan on replacing the pants with some black slacks, etc. -I placed my order in early June, and it arrived to me on July 5th. (With express shipping). -The first thing i want to point out about this cosplay is that the belts that I was given DO NOT have belt holes. The buckle is there, but there are no holes in the belt to actually put the belt together - this makes no sense and for $70 I should not have to modify the outfit at all in my opinion. But, I will have to manually put holes in the belts to make them work. Over all the belts are probably the worst item, as the quality is not way up there - but it's not too bad (the zigzag pattern is done with what seems to be stickers or some sort of sticky type of material, the pattern IS NOT printed on the belt). But why not put holes in the belts? That's an unfinished product if you ask me. -The hat is like a regular hat (back and all), so it is not torn in the back like Jotaro's is. It is hard to tell, but in the models image provided, he has pressed the back of the hat forward to get the Jotaro look. This didn't really bother me though, as I would rather it fit on my head than have the torn look and not work. But it's worth mentioning for those who want a 100% replicated cosplay without having to do any modifying. (also wanted to note by hat was kinda crushed in the packaging, the cardboard inside the hat to keep the front up is creased/bent) -The jacket is good quality, The buttons on the jacket are loosely placed on, but again I expected this as I have ordered cosplays from other places before and this seems to be the norm. -The shirt is what it is: A regular purple shirt. -The chain and the palm-symbol on the hat come in a separate baggy. I appreciated this as it keeps them safe during transport. They look very good - very pleased with them. -The pants are made from the same material as the jacket (P leather), and in my opinion they kinda look weird, so I planned on replacing them with some nicer looking slacks anyways. TL;DR: Over all the cosplay is made pretty well, but it seems like the team simply gave up on the belts because the no-hole design simply doesn't make sense, and the sticky-material used to create the zig-zag pattern is a little sloppy. The costume worn by the model has holes in the belt, so why doesn't mine lol? Who knows. I gave the cosplay 4 stars because the loose buttons are a given when ordering cosplays online, but the seemingly unfinished belt product is what took it away from 5 stars.

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