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Posted: 2018-02-21 08:21:44

So Chat Noir has been on my cosplay list for awhile, and I wanted to buy his costume. I heard such a good reviews of Miccostumes and their Chat Noir costume, that I gave in and bought the costume in the beginning of January... I got this costume today (21st of February). When I bought this costume, Miccostumes's website clearly showed that there was Chat Noir costumes in stock and they promised to send it to me in Jan 3 so it would be delivered by Jan 19. After a long waiting I contacted to Miccostumes's customer service and asked that "what the heckie was going on" I received, I kid you not, a message saying that: ”Don't be angry, it wasn't on stock”. _ . Like wow, okay, so no ”sorry” or anything like that. So I started a waiting game again and I got my costume, 52 days after I placed the order. I opened the long waited packet and... It was so so bad. When I placed the order I carefully sized myself so I knew I was getting the right size for me (L), but oh dang, this costume is so ill fitting. This def is not the size what they showed in their website. Material is okay, but it's going to take me a lot of fixing to get this costume done for the next convention. And I have to pretty much fix everything on this costume. The only good thing about this costume is that I have materials to make my own Chat Noir costume now.

Posted: 2018-02-17 23:28:59

This costume is amazing quality and fits perfectly! I wore it to a convention in LA and everyone loved it. It's super accurate to the character!

Posted: 2018-02-17 10:42:09

Good quality and a really fast delivery! (Wasn't expecting it like one week before estimated delivery time) Size fits perfect and recommend this to any other person who likes Bloodborne!

Posted: 2018-02-16 21:48:20

It looks right but the wefts at the based look fried and melted. It ruins the wig and how it looks and I've tried everything to fix it. Nothing worked.

Posted: 2018-02-16 08:20:09

Queen's cosplay is a really difficult costume to do, it has multiple parts and details that can be pretty wicked. So, for a bought costume, with that price, and measurements that are not custom to your own size, I must say that it worked really nice! Still there are some things I recommend you to keep in mind before purchasing it; these are the parts I needed to fix to use it: Every part of this costume is supposed to fit exactly where it belongs, so in case you are taller or smaller it is possible that parts like the boots covers won’t fit as nicely as they should. For example, I ordered Size M, and the costume fit well my shape, but still it was meant to someone taller than me and the arm and leg parts were a little too long for me, so I had to cut and fix it to my length as good as I could since the boots covers weren't staying were they should. But I could manage and fix it without further problems. Is good to keep in mind to reinforce all the buttons of the legs because they tend to fall, and since is a very fit costume, is good to reinforce the sewings a little too. The gloves were a little big, so keep that in mind. That said, it was worth it. Fixing this parts wasn't that hard and the costume overall is really good. If you're not afraid of giving it a little time to fix those problems I really recommend it.

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