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Posted: 2018-01-22 17:33:46

The wig is very soft and comfortable, though it does not have the same bangs as the picture. Probably a good thing, as the picture is inaccurate.

Posted: 2018-01-22 17:32:30

The costume is very comfortable to wear, though the fingers are very bulky and it makes it hard to grab anything. The accessories (mask and...belt?) are laughably inaccurate. I've seen plenty of people use this costume but discard the mask because it's simply too big and obnoxious to fit anyone's face.

Posted: 2018-01-22 17:30:44

10/10, looks just like the picture and feels absolutely amazing (if not a bit heavy for the length).

Posted: 2018-01-22 13:07:50

If I wanted a cosplay where I had to make a million alterations to make it fit me, I would've just made the costume myself. Sure, for a size Small it fits my waist...and that's about it. The bust? Waaaaay tooo big. I'm sorry if my measurements for a size small are on the smaller side of a size small, but there is NO WAY this bust fits 32 inches. Absolutely not. Like, the gold straps above the bust that look like they should go around your neck (and in all honestly, THEY SHOULD, because when they do it holds up this heavy costume....but they DON'T) are sewed to the red fabric that you're supposed to velcro around your neck...so there's absolutely no support and the gold straps just loosely hang out. Which also means--you guessed it!--my breasts are exposed and falling out! It also doesn't help that all the star pins are rock hard blocks that weigh the costume down. So now I'm wearing a costume where the bust doesn't fit AND the star pins weigh the costume down around my neck and waist and arms, so my breasts are just completely exposed. I can't even post a picture because that would be inappropriate. Then the shiny shimmering fabric that you tie around your waist 1) doesn't stayed tied, even when you knot it, so you'll need to pin that together every time you want to wear this, and 2) was already ripped when I opened the package. Other than that, the material is nice. The skirt and the sleeves are the only things that fit (don't even get me started on those super thick thigh high socks--as in, YOU better have super thick thighs in order to hold those up or at least to wear them without them laughable falling down your legs). 10/10 would NOT recommend (unless, of course, you have a tiny waist that justifies you as a size small, but large breasts and thighs. And maybe full hips to really hold this thing up).

Posted: 2018-01-20 13:06:06

I bought this cosplay no more than two weeks ago and it came well before it was supposed to- about three+ weeks early! This quality is amazing and it’s very comfortable. I love how the jacket is made of multiple different fabrics rather than just leather or pleather, although I am a bit disappointed that it’s not studded on the chest (but I can do that myself). The only part I really don’t like is the glove, because there’s no detail on it, it’s way too big, and it just looks cheap, but I can hopefully alter it to make it fit better. Otherwise it’s very comfortable and looks fantastic! I will add though that I bought this cosplay for both me and my boyfriend, who is much taller than me (he’s 6’) and the jacket is a bit too tight under his arms. I bought an S because anything bigger would have been way too big for me, and he’s very thin, plus I figured it would be fine because our shoulders are similar in width, but it’s not the most comfortable on him. So if you’re thin but very tall it might be best to buy an M.

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