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Dear customer, we accept all kinds of high-level custom-tailored cosplay orders with entirely handmade, and offering professional customization of exclusive costumes, armors accessories etc. from various animes, films and TV series. Especially, the high-quality materials and excellent skills of our first-class team will meet your needs. If interested, please press the button below to contact with our exlusive customer service immediately!
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Showcase - Armor
All pictures are taken from the reality products made by our studio.
Product description:
The online game,
World of Warcraft
Druid Tier 3 armor set
Armor part is garnished with paint in model. Cloth part using full three-dimensional pattern with wrapping craftsmanship enables frequent use and bending resistance.
Showcase - General works
General works are mostly from games, including both cloth and armor parts, which requires the excellent tailoring skills and the acquaintance of armor shaping crafts, thus showing our comprehensive strength.
Product description:
The online game,
League of Legends
Vi, The Piltover Enforcer
Set including: clothes, boots and armor
Main materials: EVA, PU leather etc.
Manufacturing process: three-dimensional
tailoring and paint coloring in model