Kaito Cosplay Wig

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"First Japanese Male vocal ever released: Kaito"

Kaito is a Japanese male , he was created as a counterpart of Meiko. He has the most popular voicebank in . Be Kaito with the Kaito Cosplay Wig!


Opinión de Producto

By Jullian Dang

Feb 21 2015

First mistake: buying this as a combo. Should have look at other wigs on this site. It's really soft tho. The color is accurate but a bit shiny but definitely something you can work with. The wig is pretty long for kaito, so you can cut and style a particular look. The length gives you some freedom to experiment. I cut ALOT of this one. When placed, it looks like James from team rocket. Everything needed to be worked on. Like my miku wig review, this type of wig can be found on eBay for a cheaper price. I ended up buying another one there hoping to see which is better. I bought this for my boyfriend and it doesn't look good on him even after I styled it, but it sure looks good on me hahah. I need the wig to be short for him but the wig is too thin for me to cut a very short wig. No descriptions on wig leaves a lot of uncertainty. Picture seems okay but definitely look at alternatives for buying. I think this wig was pretty soft and quality was nice, but yeah search for other options first. This site probably has other kaito wigs better than this one.

By Rosa Melgar

Sep 30 2014

When I received this wig, it was handled with obvious caution, which is great. Even though that I don't know how to arrange my wig, (that's because I haven't worn wigs till now) I can still tell that this wig is definitely to my liking. Great product, I would recommend it to many cosplayers out there. Thank you for this wonderful wig.

By shann

Dec 25 2012

Very satisfied with this purchase, and would recommend it. Excellent quality, well made.

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