Disfraz Cosplay de Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Strife


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 “Originally a member of solider, he is now a mercenary who will take any job...”
Cloud Strife is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and the Final Fantasy VII Remake.Unlike other typical heroes, he is a person with self-doubts and a real dark side. As definitely a mysterious character,many secrets are still unraveled.
Cannot wait for the release of the Remake version? Cosplay him now, both costume and armor set are available.
Women's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Bust 31-32/79-82 33-34/84-87 35-36/89-92 37-38/94-97 38.5-40/99-102 40.5-42/104-107
Waist 24-25.5/62-65 26-27.5/66-70 28-29.5/72-75 30.5-32/78-81 33-34/84-87 35-36.5/90-93
Hips 32-34/82-87 34-35.5/87-92 36-38/92-97 38-40/97-102 40-42/102-107 42-44/107-112
Height 4'11"-5'1"/150-155 5'1"-5'2"/155-160 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180

Men's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size XS S M L XL
Bust 31-34/79-87 33-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Waist 26-28/67-72 28-30/72-77 32-34/82-87 36-38/92-97 40-42/102-107
Hips 31-34/79-87 34-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Height 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180 5'11"-6'1‘’/180-185

Kids' Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size S M L
Height 35-43/89-110 45-51/115-130 53-59/135-150
Bust 20-23.5/52-60 23.5-26.5/60-68 26-29.5/67-75
Waist 19-22/49-56 22-24.5/56-63 24.5-27.5/63-70
Hips 22-25.5/56-65 25.5-29/65-74 29-33/74-83
Neck 12.5/32 13/34 14/36



Opinión de Producto

By Kieronn Cosplay

Feb 22 2017

So here's my Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife cosplay, I have the arm bracers on the opposite arm just to show it off a bit. (Cosplay from Miccostumes) Buster Sword in progress will post pics soon enjoy! follow me on instagram Kieronncosplay

By Zombebitme cosplay

Aug 02 2016

Uhm fem cloud sorta.All the stuff is from miccostumes except for my top. Now I did order a male costume so obviously nothing fits me 100% I'll be taking in pieces to fit me better and such but this is what it looks like so far. I'm pretty impressed with their quality though!!

By Kathryn Hoffman

Jan 21 2020

So, I was really sad about the poor quality of this cosplay. I buy almost exclusively from Miccostumes and I was planning on modifying this cosplay for Zack fair. I ordered a small and the pants I recieved were a large. Not only that, but the soldier belt had several small pieces that just dangled in the back with no easy way of securing the suspenders. All in all I am really disappointed and sad given how wonderful the other cosplays are.

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