Blue Exorcist Moriyama Shiemi Cosplay Kimono

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The hardworking, polite and sweet Shiemi is a wonderfully loved character. The Blue Exorcist Moriyama Shiemi cosplay kimono is the perfect way to bring this character to life. This costume includes a long pink kimono with white lace trim and a red and white striped under layer.  A black obi is included with a ruffle flower print under layer and a white stripe that wraps around the middle of the obi. Two purple stripes wrap around the obi above and below the middle. A red and white striped sash is worn below the obi on the wearer. The sweet kimono has beautiful red and white flowers carefully sewn and ironed onto the bottom as the bottom fades to a light blue. Leave your bubble and make some more friends! Don’t’ be shy and have a blast in this beautiful cosplay costume.

Women's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Bust 31-32/79-82 33-34/84-87 35-36/89-92 37-38/94-97 38.5-40/99-102 40.5-42/104-107
Waist 24-25.5/62-65 26-27.5/66-70 28-29.5/72-75 30.5-32/78-81 33-34/84-87 35-36.5/90-93
Hips 32-34/82-87 34-35.5/87-92 36-38/92-97 38-40/97-102 40-42/102-107 42-44/107-112
Height 4'11"-5'1"/150-155 5'1"-5'2"/155-160 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180

Men's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size XS S M L XL
Bust 31-34/79-87 33-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Waist 26-28/67-72 28-30/72-77 32-34/82-87 36-38/92-97 40-42/102-107
Hips 31-34/79-87 34-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Height 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180 5'11"-6'1‘’/180-185

Kids' Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size S M L
Height 35-43/89-110 45-51/115-130 53-59/135-150
Bust 20-23.5/52-60 23.5-26.5/60-68 26-29.5/67-75
Waist 19-22/49-56 22-24.5/56-63 24.5-27.5/63-70
Hips 22-25.5/56-65 25.5-29/65-74 29-33/74-83
Neck 12.5/32 13/34 14/36



Opinión de Producto

By Alexandra Schmeckpeper

Mar 06 2017

I love this cosplay so much, If you want and nice Shiemi cosplay, I suggest this one, the colors on the kimono are fitting and compliment each other. The outfit is high quality and everything is made incredibly well. This cosplay is surprisingly easy to put on given the fact its a kimono and it seems like there is a lot of parts. I definitely suggest this cosplay.

By Heather Day

Aug 14 2014

Everything arrived in one piece and in good condition! A few loose threads here and there, but not enough to make me feel that the quality of the product is jeopardized. The headband with the hair accessory was basic plastic without any covering, but it was easily switched out for another, more comfortable, one of similar size that I happened to have with me.

By Jose Maria Pereira Montero

Mar 17 2014

Really beautifull an good quality cloth. The flowers are a bit pixelated, and the costume its a little huge in general (shoulders, and waiste) even though I select "customize". But in general it's really good and I'm really happy with it. The headband was broken (i suposse that it happened in the shipment).

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