Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Cosplay Wig

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"The power of one man doesn't amount to much. But, however little strength I'm capable of... I'll do everything humanly possible to protect the people I love, and in turn they'll protect the ones they love. It seems like the least we tiny humans can do for each other."

Roy seems to be a shallow and self-absorbed man, infamous among many of his colleagues and subordinates alike for the selfish and narcissistic aura he gives off. Cosplay as Roy in your next event in our FullMetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Cosplay Wig and have a good time cosplaying!


Opinión de Producto

By Logan Ball

Nov 10 2013

Bought this for Anime Blast Chattanooga. Shipped fast and fits great :)

By Marvin

Apr 14 2013

I was really excited when I got it but was afraid that it wouldn't fit since my head is really big and my hair is super thick. But it fits amazingly and is adjustable. It's super comfy and doesn't itch and the hair net fits my head nicely! It isn't tight and all and holds back my hair, and like I said the wig is amazingly comfortable and fits my huge head.

By Regan

Sep 28 2012

The wig arrived one week before the day it was supposed to arrive. It looks very realistic and the wig cap that comes with it really helps keep your hair down.

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