Bleach 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Cosplay Costume

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Oh brother! Why so serious?

Be Rukia's calm and collected brother, Momo Hinamori's shikai ability separates into a thousand slender, tiny blade fragments. The Bleach 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Cosplay Costume includes the standard captain uniform along with a white scarf made by the master weaver, Tsujishirō Kuroemon III. 

Want to vividly cosplay as Kuchiki Byakuya? Put on this Bleach cosplay  costume and your dream will come true!

Product Number 4334
Included Items Shirt, jacket, coat, trousers, scarf, belt
Size Available in men size S, M, L, XL, and Custom-made size
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Uniform cloth

Care Instructions Handwash in cold water. Line dry.
Return Eligible Yes
Available Internationally Yes
Women's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Bust 31-32/79-82 33-34/84-87 35-36/89-92 37-38/94-97 38.5-40/99-102 40.5-42/104-107
Waist 24-25.5/62-65 26-27.5/66-70 28-29.5/72-75 30.5-32/78-81 33-34/84-87 35-36.5/90-93
Hips 32-34/82-87 34-35.5/87-92 36-38/92-97 38-40/97-102 40-42/102-107 42-44/107-112
Height 4'11"-5'1"/150-155 5'1"-5'2"/155-160 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180

Men's Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size XS S M L XL
Bust 31-34/79-87 33-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Waist 26-28/67-72 28-30/72-77 32-34/82-87 36-38/92-97 40-42/102-107
Hips 31-34/79-87 34-36/84-92 37-40/94-102 40.5-44/104-112 44.5-48/114-122
Height 5'2"-5'4"/160-165 5'4"-5'6"/165-170 5'6"-5'8"/170-175 5'8"-5'10"/175-180 5'11"-6'1‘’/180-185

Kids' Cosplay Costume Size Chart (Inch/cm)
Size S M L
Height 35-43/89-110 45-51/115-130 53-59/135-150
Bust 20-23.5/52-60 23.5-26.5/60-68 26-29.5/67-75
Waist 19-22/49-56 22-24.5/56-63 24.5-27.5/63-70
Hips 22-25.5/56-65 25.5-29/65-74 29-33/74-83
Neck 12.5/32 13/34 14/36


Whoever wants to make a vivic cosplay of Byakuya Kuchiki should prepare a meticulously made Bleach 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki Cosplay Costume. Ok, let’s take a close look.

1.Overcoat: The white overcoat is made from high-end uniform cloth which brings you great comfort and durability. A polyurethane leather made Division Six symbol path is delicately sewn on the back of this jacket by handwork. The same figures with the anime image are made from supple PU and meticulously sewn on the train of the coat.

2.Jacket: The black jacket with white embroiders around collar and cuff is made from high quality uniform cloth. The horn-shaped short sleeve (M) is about 28 cm long. The cuff is about 47 cm wide.

3.Trousers: The black typical trousers in Bleach is made from supple and comfortable material. The belt (M) in front of the waist is about 111 cm long. The belt back of the waist is about 76 cm long. The belts are exquisitely and orderly sewn on the wait in front. There is about 31 cm long area (M) from the wait to the suture on the side of the trousers. The ruffles punctiliously sewn on the trousers flatter your dignified temperament.

4.Belt: This white belt is made from supple and comfortable satin.It (M) is about 228 cm long and 15.5 cm wide.

Opinión de Producto


Nov 10 2010

The costume is superb if you pair it with proper wig and accessories definitely you will get the top spot in the cosplay event. Actually the thing that makes me on second place on the cosplay is the projection of the character. I used this costume and it helps me reach the top. I guess I need to learn how to act the character better to win the 1st place.


Nov 10 2010

I love this costume as it fits on me nicely. The color of the costume is just like on the picture they show. I feel so good wearing the costume and proud to its quality. Also buying on this store is convenient as they offer good service and shipping.


Sep 25 2010

I've tried wearing Kenpachi costume that I get from this store and as like it, the outfit is really good and when paired with its wig the overall appearance were awesome.

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