Makeup and Wig Tutorial for Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler
Post On:2016-01-07 06:01:23
 1. Put on a contact lens of Ciel's pupillary color and apply facial moisturizer.
 2. Apply foundation make-up.
     (Since he wears a eyepatch on the right eye, we only need a contact for left eye.)
 3. Use highlight to make nose brighter. Ciel is an European, his nose should be straight and high.
 4. Brush your eyelid with brown eye shadow to be a foundation, then deepen the outline.
 5. Draw a fake double-fold eyelid with a black or dark brown eye shadow. Ciel's double-fold eyelids are extremely obvious.
 6. Pay attention that the eyelines must droop, moreover, the eye heads should be deepened. Ciel has drooping eyes.
 7. Brush shadows beside your nose to deepen the profile of your nose.
 8. Brush the eyebrows.
 1. Put the wig on the mannequin and comb the wig at first.
 2. Trim the bang on the side that shows the eye to the above area of the eye.
 3. Do some trim of the side face bang that blocks the eye.
 4. Trim the overlong tail hair to the length of a teenager's hair.
 5. Then trim the earlock to about below the ears.
 6. Tie the eyepatch to check everything's ok.
7. After wearing the wig, put on the eyepatch and do some adjustment.