Makeup and Wig Tutorial for Chunli in Street Fighter
Post On:2016-01-07 06:01:25
 1. Put on the contacts of Lung-Li's pupil color and apply facial moisturizer.
 2. Apply foundation make-up.
 3. Brush the eyelid with pearl-colored eye shadow as the bottom layer.
 4. Brush darker eye shadow to make the profile of eyes more obvious.
 5. Draw the eyeliner that isn't very thick. Because Chun-Li is a fighting girl, her makeup doesn't need to be very heavy.
 6. Paste false eyelashes to make eyes bigger. 
 7. Brush some blusher on your cheek.
 8. Use a less red lipstick to brighten the lip. As a teenager, Chun-Li's lip should not be too red.
PS. If your natural hair color is black as me you may not need a wig. The tutorial is using real hair.
 1. Comb the hair at first.
 2. Divide the hair into 2 parts.
 3. Tie each part of the hair into a ponytail as higher as possible.
 4. Twist the ponytail.
 5. Coil the hair into a ball along the twisting direction.
 6. Fix the hair ball.
 7. Put a hair accessory on.
 8. It should be covering the whole hair ball shown below.
Finished look of Chunli! Ready to Fight!