Makeup and Wig Tutorial for Asuna in Sword Art Online 2 Alfheim Online
Post On:2015-01-30 04:01:38
1.Face without makeup
Already put on blue contacts to fit Asuna's eye color. You can also put on double eyelid stickers if you're not. 
2.Basic Makeup
Apply foundation make-up and concealer if you have freckels.
3.Put on eye shadow
Brush the whole eyelid with light color, then brush the eyelid and outer corner of the eye with dark color, at last enhance the inner corner of the eye with bright color.
4.One eye finished with eye shadow
5.Draw the eyeliner
You can use eyeliner pencil, creamy eyeliner or liquid eyeliner to draw the outer corner of the eye need to be filled, do not draw too long.
6.One eye finished with eyeliner
7.Stick false eyelash
Use thick and long false eyelashes to make your eyes as big as Asuna's. Put glue one the eyelash and then stick to the upper eyelid.
8.One eye finished with upper eyelash
9.Stick lower false eyelash below the eyes.
10.One eye finished with both eyelashes
11.After put on fake eyelashes, draw the eyelines again to connect the upper and the lower ones, making them look natural.
10.Use Lip balm and then use pink lipstick, pink fits girls like Asuna.
11. Whole makeup of the face finished. Put on the wig cap.
19. Put on Asuna's wig, the bang is uncut.
20. Cut the bang to about the same horizon as the eyebrows.
21. Use some hair wax to style the bang, make it looks like Asuna's.
Oh, forgot to put the elf ears on...