Daily Cosplay – Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet Cosplay

Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet cosplay

Here is an amazing  Fairy Tail Erza Scarlet cosplay work, which was done by the Belgian cosplayer – SaffiraScarlet. Her most favourite character is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. No wonder she has done such a great job! Above is the Erza Scarlet Gothic Lolita Cosplay, the girl is still working on another 2 costumes from Erza Scarlet – her bikini outfit and the best of all Heaven’s wheel armor! Looking forward to seeing more cosplay works from her :). You can take a look at her gallery to see more.

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Daily Cosplay – Fairy Tail Mirajane Cosplay


Above is a nice Fairy Tail Mirajane Cosplay, which is done by samtoenail, a girl from USA. She is interested in photography, jewlery, clay, and costumes. YYH and One Piece characters, Kenshin, Iggy, Simba and Mufasa, Kamina, Sailor Uranus, and Mad Hatter are her favourite cartoon characters. You can see a few awesome cosplay works from her galllery. Now take a look!

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Daily Cosplay-Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay

A Brazilian girl was found us! Her name is Laahmichelle, who starts her membership on Deviantart today. There is no much information was given by her. However, from her gallery, we can say she is interested in cosplaying and drawing. The picture above is her Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia cosplay. Pretty? For more cospaly pictures and artworks, you can visit her website.

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