Love Live Watanabe You Wig Tutorial

Hi friends, after last time’s make up tutorial do you want to know how to style the wig for You? Surprisingly, it was kind of hard! But don’t worry, I’ll show you!

Try this wig if you don’t have one yet, Its’ colour is nice for that weird hue You has.

So, let’s start!

Your wig is fresh out of the bag. Shake it to let it “breathe”. If it’s a little tousled try spraying it with the wig wonder spray: 1 part lotion, 5 parts water. Brush it out.Step wiga

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Cosplay Tips for Folks over 40

Whether you are a toddler about to debut their first ever cosplay or a grandparent who has seen many generations of movies and dress up, cosplay is for everyone. Young, old, tall, short, big, small, black, white, everyone can cosplay.
While it may seem like a lot of the spotlight is on the younger generation of cosplayers, such as small children and teenagers, the older generation shouldn’t be left out! I know I love seeing adults cosplaying just as much as I love seeing babies cosplay. This shouldn’t be discouraging to older cosplayers but they should see it as an opportunity to cosplay a whole bunch of things they couldn’t before.

A few tips for some older generation cosplayers
1) Cosplay characters who are canonly age over time. Examples of this could be Hokage Naruto, Avatar Aang, Grandpa Joseph Joestar, Goku, The Ice King from Adventure Time.

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Love Live Watanabe You Makeup

Have you seen the new Love Live generation? It’s so cute! All those new pretty ladies! And they turned out to be just as special as Muse. Naturally I had to cosplay someone! And Watanabe You is the prettiest of them all!

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Sailor Venus Minako Aino Perücke Tutorial

Hi Freunde, es ist Luxayre Cosplay nochmals! Diese mal will ich Sie lehren, wie die Minako schöne Perücke ohne jede haarige Probleme machen. Wegen lange Perücke schwer machen, ist es wichtig, die Method weissen, wie die Perücke zu verwalten.

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