Daily Cosplay-Steampunk Psylocke

“Psylocke has been one of the characters that I have wanted to cosplay for a long time. At the time of planning to cosplay her, I still had a fear of sewing spandex. Luckily, another cosplayer, Kris Lee, was selling one of her older Psylocke costumes. We arranged a cosplay trade and I received her very well made costume soon after. Once I tried it on, I realized just how extremely uncomfortable I was with how naked Psylocke is. As much as I wanted to be her, I wasn’t ready to let 98% of my butt show to the public. At a recent convention, a friend of mine, Kio, had made a burlesque themed Domino– and that’s when it hit me, I could do that too. The next day I started working on a bustle skirt with left-over fabric. I had been dying to do a burlesque type of steampunk themed cosplay for a while and I was overly excited to actually make it happen. Somehow, giving Psylocke a burlesque theme was making her much more modest. (When normally that works the other way around) I finished up my alterations to the costume just in time for CONtraflow SciFi. I really enjoyed how it came out and the positive feedback I received. I definitely want to do more steampunk in the future.”

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New Release-Collector’s Edition Assassin’s Creed III Connor Tomahawk Replica Axe

In Jan.2013, Collector’s Edition Assassin’s Creed III Connor Tomahawk Replica Axe will be sold at Miccostumes.com for Assassin’s Creed III hardcore fans,let’s check some real details photos first:

  • Materials:PU,PU Leather,Wood
  • Axe Full Details:41X21X3CM
  • Axe Head:length 21cm,width:  11.5cm    Thickness:2.7cm
  • Handle length:41cm
  • Handle diameter : 3cm
  • Weight:2lb

So if you like this axe, please follow click the link here.Thank you.

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Miccostumes on Anime-Expo.org Live Show

Miccostumes has made a small sponsor for Chocolate Covered Cosplay for their Puella Magi  Cosplay Costumes ,Kaname Madoka,Akemi Homura and Tomoe Mami,costumes,wigs and other accessories.

Ginger and her friends really did amazing cosplay with our friends, and many many cosplayers has check out our shop and our costumes via their photos and videos live show online.

If you wanna check their videos wearing our costumes, please check the videos via youtube and crnchyroll :)

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