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Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart Contest

Artist Bio:
Name :Lucy Lawliet
Gender : Female
Nationality: Dutch
Social Networks: Devianart

Hi guys~ I’m Lucy and I live in the Netherlands. I’m 15 years old. I really wanted to join this contest because I love Hetalia, I love drawing and I love to cosplay. Even though I don’t have a tablet – so I can’t draw on the computer >__< – and I don’t have a scanner, I hope you’ll like my drawings.
And I love Hetalia. Yes. SO much. I own a Italy cosplay and an America wig – styled myself, looks like crap – and sometimes I take some clothes out of my closet and do a casual cosplay for fun (my avatar for instance is England with my America wig and bomberjacket. BUT. It looks like England, admit it.) =D

Let’s enjoy Fanarts of Loes’!

1. Italy and Germany

Italy and Germany
Comments from the artist: Italy trying to put a tiara on Germany’s head. Germany’s probably promised Italy to let him arrange a dress up party, and this is how it turned out. Germany… isn’t amused, really. I drew this with a pencil.

2. Italy

Comments from the artist: This is Italy. It’s drawn in a somewhat realistic style. Here he’s wearing Doitsu’s military jacket. It’s based on a fanfiction. My camera ate the background. I’m sorry for that :/ I really have to get a scanner someday… Also drawn with a pencil.

3. Germany and Prussia

Germany and Prussia
Comments from the artist: Someone took a picture from Germany and Prussia in the pub! They’re having a Italy-free-brother-time. Even Germany seems to enjoy it. Guess what? Drawn by a pencil.

4. Romano

Japan - Kiku FA
Comments from the artist: Romano in a Santa Claus outfit. Spain forced him to wear it (otherwise he wouldn’t get a tomato), and now he’s looking at you – Spain – and probably saying: “And now give me the food, bastard.”

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See Prizes First :D! Each winner can choose any costume listed below. Besides, each participant will get 10% of coupon code which can be used when you purchase in our store.

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