Welcome Our New Blog Author-Irvy Cosplay

Irvy have been cosplaying for about ten years, most of those in her home state of Idaho, California, and the Pacific Northwest United States. In her spare time, Irvy like to write and play too many video games. For photos, updates, and other information, please check her Facebook page as Irvy Cosplay. She’s also part of a cosplay group in Boise, Idaho called Ellipsis Cosplay.

For the article from Irvy, please check the page here . And if you also want to write for our blog, please contact me at any time :)

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Parasyte Shinichi Izumi Cosplay Migi Accessorioes Reviews

Anime “Parasyte: Probability of Survival” has been started at 8 October 2014, I think many manga fans maybe have the idea to cosplay Shinichi Izumi and his Migi in this year, so today I want to show more detail photos about the  KISEIJUU Migi cosplay accessorioes from our shop.


First let’s check the normal state of Parasyte Migi in manga:


and this is my cosplay :)





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Share Your 2015 Cosplay and Conventions Plan

So what’s your cosplay plan in 2015 and which anime&game conventions you want to join in ? Share your list and  you will get the chance to be sponsored by Miccostumes for costumes & wigs, and be party of our live conventions reporters program, so here is the details:

1.First write down your cosplay and convention plan on a paper.


2.Hold the paper and take a photo with you.



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2015 Valentine’s Day-The Anime Characters Miccostumes Want to Give Chocolates

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day , and I think most cosplayers will spend this special moment with lovers. But if you are still single like me :( , and there is a chance to let you date with an anime characters and give him/her chocolates and Rose,which characters will on your list ? So let me make a first, this is the Miccostumes’ 2015 Valentine’s Day Dating List :

Top 10 Characters Want to Give Chocolates to on Valentine’s Day-Girls

1.Asuna (Sword Art Online)

asuna_by_nyanruki-d62j6ltcosplayer : NyanRuki

2.Saber (Fate stay night)



cosplayer: ashelikescake

3.Rei (Evangelion)





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