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Couple Cosplay – Are you willing to be my master?

Under this contract, you are no longer a passer-by to me but the most important person in my life. Of the multifarious contract relationships in animes, some are touching, some are funny. Do you want to be a master or a servent? Here’re some couple cosplay ideas for you and your friend.
Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay

Cosplayer LALAax
Attack from human makes no effect to him. He is Sebastian, who is a devil and only takes orders from his master Ciel before Ciel reaches his own purpose of revenge. After Ciel’s revenge done, he must give his soul to Sebastian. IOW, his soul will forever belong to the black butler Sebastian.

Contract Mark: a magic matrix on Sebastian’s left hand and Ciel’s blinder on his right eye.

Kuroshitsuji - Ciel & Sebastian

Louise Valliere and Hiraga Saito from The Familiar of Zero

Louise & Saito Hiraga from The Familiar of Zero
I unexpectedly become a pet (no, a magic)!?
The girl Louise, a magic school’s second grade student, had summoned Hiraga as the magic who would serve her. Louise asked Hiraga to sign a contract with her.
Strange words emerged from the back of his hand and he became the exclusive magic to Louise. He had no way but to live with Louise and to find out the ways to go back to his original world.

Rin Tohsaka and Archer from Fate Stay Night

Rin Tohsaka and Archer

Cosplayer 間桐君棘

Rin Tohsaka is one of the three main heroines of Fate/stay night who acts as the Master of Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War. She’s got the command spell on her right hand.
Mirotic of Rin when summoning Archer:
Your soul belongs to me. Your fate gives you the sword.
Conform to the Holy Grail to response and make an oath. You are the one who achieve all the benevolence. You are the one who transmit all the sins.

C.C and Lelouch from Code Geass

C.C and Lelouch from Code Geass

Cosplayer 沐晓
C.C and Lelouch make a contract about energy grant, which means that C.C must grant the energy of Geass to Lelouch to help him reach his purpose. In return, he must help C.C complete one thing.
About the energy: Lelouch’s Geass manifests itself as “the power of absolute obedience,” which allows him to plant commands within a person’s mind upon direct eye contact. He is granted this ability through his contract with C.C.

The contract mark in on C.C’s forehead and in Lelouch’s eyes.


Cosplayer  雏菊叔叔


Cosplayer 卤蛋蛋


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Zentai Suit is King — Special Anime Battle Suit Appreciation (Part 1 American Comic Heroes)

We can discover beauty in everything, even battle has its own aesthetics, and battle suit is an aspect of showing it. Undoubtedly, the most typical one is zentai suit among all battle suits. Under its tight covering, each and every move would show strength and beauty of the human body curve. In anime world, there’re all kinds of zentai suits in diversity of form and function. Some may be even more impressive than their wearers. Now let’s have a look and appreciate them.

Part 1 :Battle suits of American Comic Heroes



In American comics, ever since superman puts on his blue zentai and red cloak (oh, don’t forget to wear a red underwear outside) in times of crisis, and saves the world as a hero, “zentai + super hero” is a normal attribute for American comic heroes. Can’t you see that even steel armor in Avengers is tight and showing the curve of strength? What these heroes in zentai suits have in common is that they are powerfully built.

1). Captain America


Imagine Captain America wear a zentai suit on his former small sized body, that would look like a young ballet dancer, right? By the gods of Marvel, this slim guy who was chosen for his uprightness became a muscular man after injecting super warrior serum. He is not born as a hero, he is not immortal, he is just tougher, braver and smarter than ordinary people.
Captain America is regarded as an emblem of America’s spirit. Not only his name included the country’s name, but also his zentai suit is featured with national flags as well as his shield.
Old-fashioned is never out of date, Captain America will always fight for humanity with his spirit of freedom.

2). Spiderman


Spiderman has a keen perception — “spider sense”, and he can shoot very strong spider-web strings from wrists via web-shooters. He is agile and vigorous. He sews his own costume to conceal his identity, which is a zentai suit. The zentai suit includes a red top with araignee lace and dark blue tights, covering him from top of the head to the toes. Do not worry whether he will feel suffocated, after all spiderman is a superhero turned by spider genes. This zentai suit doesn’t hamper his movements at all. Spiderman is one of Marvel’s flagship characters.

3). Batman


Among so many heroes, batman must be most famous tuhao. He spends much money to build himself a combat gear with the world’s advanced technology. The batman costume is fireproof, bulletproof, anti-shock and anti-explosion. The gloves and boots are also strengthened to protect him. The material of the costume even has attemperation capability. He seems always so cool in his zentai suit.

Just to mention a few other heroes: The Flash, red zentai suit with a golden lightning logo on the chest; Green Lantern, green zentai suit and green sunglasses (thank god no green hat); Martian Manhunter, green zentai suit, red cross straps, blue shorts, blue cloak and blue boots (all I can say is this outfit definitely comes from Mars).

The FlashGreen LanternMartian Manhunter

Thus it can be seen, to be a superhero, besides owning special powers, you also need to have a nice body that underneath a zentai suit. Justice League? Maybe we can call them Zentai Suit League. (Forgive me for saying that)


Next post , we will discuss the Battle suits of Japanese Anime Manga Heroes . 

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Best Cosplay Ideas for your Family

Author Bio:This is the guest post from HiDef. She’s been has been cosplaying since 2007 and a huge crazy fan of anime, manga, video games, idols and Japanese culture in general.

With more nerdy couples meeting, greeting, falling in love and getting married, there’s an increase in exceptionally nerdy families. It’s hard not to pass your fandoms onto your kids. Even when I used to babysit I would watch anime with the kids I was with. But if you think that your hobbies may be over after having your little bundle of joy, think again! There are plenty of cosplay ideas for couples, expecting couples, and even parents!

1)    Maes Hughes – Full Metal Alchemist


Photo credit:LostRain13 and theEmperorofShadows

Major Hughes from the series Full Metal Alchemist is a major family man and is well known for shoving pictures of his “adorable daughter” in the face of anyone that will pass by. It’s funny, slightly annoying, but definitely cute to see a guy being so passionate about his love for his daughter. Don’t have a daughter yet? That’s fine! Bring your wife to be your Mrs. Hughes. It’s not only perfect for couples with a baby, but also for expecting couples too!  No one can stop the love this guy has. Wouldn’t you want to show off your precious bundle of joy too?

2)    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon


Photo credit:Kamerascheu


Photo credit :Shintai-AB

No one can resist this classic. Sailor Moon may be one of the most well known anime series of all time. With the new remake of the anime coming out this summer, everyone is planning a cosplay to homage this magical series. Why not get the whole family to join in? A Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Mini Moon cosplay is perfect for the whole family. Have a little boy? Let him be Artemis, the cat and hold onto a Luna plush! Imagine how cute that would be. No one can resist this trio.

3)    Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

13 photo credit : BriteWingz

It’s-a me! Mario and company! This other classic happens to also be a perfect cosplay group for you and the family. It’s very versatile. Have a little girl? Let her be Peach or Toad! Have a little boy? Mario, Luigi or Bowser could be perfect for him! Whether you like anime or just gaming, this family costume works at any convention and is even great for costume parties. Everyone recognizes Mario. Just don’t go overboard with the accent…

4)     Ash, Misty and Pikachu – Pokémon


Photo credit:TashCosplayArt14 and da-wakko

I personally LOVE Pokémon cosplays and I can’t find anyone else that disagrees with me! The best part about this cosplay is that your child can be any Pokémon. And not only that, but there are so many to choose from! An Ash, Misty and Pikachu cosplay group is perfect, but the number of Pokémon your son or daughter can cosplay is limitless.

5)     Ponyo, Sousuke, Fujimoto and Granmamare – Ponyo


Photo credit:Zelrondidi-Ji and tompkinsxx

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo~ Ghibli is loved worldwide for their wonderfully innocent and sometimes nostalgic movies. And Ponyo is no exception. While your family could probably cosplay from any Ghibli movie, I chose Ponyo because it works really well for couples that have a boy and a girl. And if your kids are old enough, they may enjoy dressing up as the characters from the movie because they loved the movie. Ghibli movies are perfect for children and the whole family.

In the end, everyone finds family cosplays to be precious. People say to do family activities together, so what’s wrong with every family doing their own thing? The cosplay community is so accepting and let’s be honest, cosplaying babies and kids are all too adorable. Though your life may have started with your kid(s), there’s nothing wrong with delving in the fantasy world every now and then. Happy cosplaying!



We will add more family cosplay ideas in this article, so why not submit the idea ?Just comment here!


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Guest Post-If You Have a Cosplay Girlfriend

Hi,everyone,valentine’s day(2013) is coming, this week,one of our customer-Charis submit a guest post to us, it’s really funny, I think we should share it at our blog. So comment here if you like this article :)

If You Have a Cosplay Girlfriend

How many of you dudes out there have had a girlfriend who was into cosplay? No, seriously – do you know what it’s really like?

For those of you who know, shush. To all you fellas’ out there with a girlfriend who cosplays, who think that it’s a HOT hobby of theirs – think twice!


They aren’t going to suit up for you; much less half straddle half model in front of the camera with you. Oh yeah, you get to HOLD THEIR STUFF at the corner of the convention room while they go trotting off for hours – posing for the camera away from your watchful eyes.

On a more serious note, here are some pros and cons that I’ve gathered on several lucky and unlucky fellows out there with a girlfriend who cosplays.


1.Let’s start with a bright spot! For the guys with decent girlfriends, she might get you to take pictures of her while she models in the convention. Eye-candies! What better way to spend your time, and hey by the way she isn’t wearing a bra (Left).


2.Hey, her girl-friends might take a liking to you and it will considerably widen your options or you might start counting your blessings (relative to how attractive her friends are and if you want a new girlfriend). Eh, preferably when they’re less clothed – you can’t tell their figure from a bulky droid suit.

33.However, you might really like her so you can look cute and cosplay together (Left) !

Eh, or look like idiots together (Right), they’re not even cosplaying by the way – are those cosplay costumes? I think not.


Now here for the juicy part …


1.Some of these girls may be what you’d call a “homestuck” cosplayer – meaning that they hand-craft their own cutesy little one-pieces and faerie wands. Awwww! You think that’s too cute?

Well, buddy, your girlfriend might not be exactly right up there, if you get what I’m saying. Hell, here’s an anecdote from a lovely girl at tumblr.

Let’s talk about the horrors of being a homestuck cosplayer!

We make our kidneys ruined by all the energy drinks we have to drink to make ourselves stay up and work on cosplay two days before the convention as you hysterically weep and scream “WHY CAN’T I BE BETTER AT SEWING” as you rip out your greasymattedtangledknotty hair and then the fabric gets caught in the machine and your needle snaps then the spool of thread comes unraveled and there’s thread everywhere and you try to fix the needle but it just won’t work then you stab yourself by accident and get blood all over the cosplay and have to start over from scratch and you glance up at the clock and it says 4:07 in the morning and you’ve stayed up all night and then your mom barges in and screams “GO TO BED ALREADY” but you just won’t go until she pulls the plug on the machine and by then you’re having a mental breakdown and curling up into the fetal position and weeping hysterically again and wondering how the fuck you’re ever going to get this done in time and you fall asleep in the corner of your closet underneath two feet of cosplay that’s fallen off the racks but your just too lazy to hang them back up but none the less you finally cry yourself to sleep over all that hard work gone to waste then you get up two hours later, have a few more red bulls and a dozen sugar cookies before sitting back down and working until 5:08 in the morning on the day of the convention then you crawl back into your bed after finishing only to have your alarm clock go off at 5:30 so that you can get your ass up and blow about an hour and a half applying all that gog damn troll makeup and put your horns on then drive to the convention three hours away while in the process freaking out several people in cars beside you and a few people in toll booths but you finally make it to the convention and realize you left a very important prop at home along with the keys to your house so you are utterly fucked then somedouche bag nearly runs you over in the parking lot but none the less you’ve finally made it there and you feel like you’re dead but you still have the time of your life and once you get home your face is covered in various shades of green, blue, and purple from the sloppy troll makeouts and your dripping grey onto your cosplay but you don’t give a damn if you mess anything up and you rip off your cosplay, horns and wig that you put so much time and effortsewing and styling, and scream out “FUCK IT. RIGHT UP THE ASS.” and you fall down onto your bed face first without bothering to take any of the grey off and successfully smear it all over your god tier bed sheets you dedicated so much time you should have been doing homework on, completely exhausted and you fall asleep wondering who in their right mind would EVER do this to themselves willingly and you swear to yourself that you’ll NEVER do this againas you finally sleep like the dead for the next two days but still you got it all done and will wind up doing it again in a month for another convention.

I’m sorry, did I rant?
((Yep this has happened to me before. True story.)) “


2.If she’s not a weirdo homely, country bumpkin who knits pathetic excuses for costumes, then she might be a manipulative little hussy. Yes, no in-betweens. She might think that she could get away with having you putty in her hands! Especially if you know NOTHING about cosplay.

You know how it is:
“But Sakura-chan NEEDS the 6 different bikinis, and I need new make-up and shoes!”

Don’t fall for such antics, you’re above that and I believe she’s above that too if she had any respect for you – that is if you have respect for yourself in the first place!

bebe_don__t_cry___shirahoshi_one_piece_cosplay_by_k_i_m_i-d5gi30kcosplay from K-I-M-I

3. Here’s the thing, so you bought her the cosplay costume and all the glitter dust that she so desperately needs. And now? If she’s going to be gone for hours at that anime cosplay convention WITHOUT inviting YOU (I mean, you shouldn’t even have to ask!), then I don’t see a problem with cuddling her replacement for a few hours:


Editor reviews:

Wow, in my opinion, generally if you have a cosplay girlfend ,you will be the lucky boy :)Wanna know the reason? see our incoming valentine’s day couple cosplay contest !

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