New Arrival on Jan. 19 – InuYasha Feudal Fairy Tale InuYasha Cosplay Costume

A lot of cosplay devotees have found their really desirable cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, Halloween costumes, Lolita clothes etc at You, won’t be an exception either! Owning a group of professional designers and manufacturers, we are confident in perfecting catering to your needs via high-quality and faithful items for cosplay.

InuYasha Feudal Fairy Tale InuYasha Cosplay Costume_1

Today, InuYasha Feudal Fairy Tale InuYasha cosplay costume is strongly recommended. Sold on $93.09, it’s available on regular size S, M, L and XL. If you have some special requirements on the costume, just let it to be customized. We do offer custom-made service anytime. The costume features incomparable accuracy on each small detail. To be honest, it’s not difficult for experienced designers to achieve this :D. Here, a shirt, coat, trousers and sash are offered. All product photos are taken by ourselves, helping you better understand the features and deluxe quality of the costume.

InuYasha Feudal Fairy Tale InuYasha Cosplay Costume_2

Never have we been careless about choosing the cloth to make our cosplay costumes. This costume for a vivid InuYasha cosplay is also made from classy cotton. This fabric can be easily washed in cold water and then lined dry. It’s lightsome, supple and ventilated. For a great and comfortable InuYasha cosplay look, you will need it. We offer worldwide fast shipping anytime. So, check it out on $93.09 here?

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New Arrival on Jan. 18 – DuRaRaRa Anri Sonohara Cosplay Costume

The experienced group of designers, manufacturers and marketers aims to realize all of your cosplay dreams at So, the product line is continually broadened. Featuring deluxe quality, great accuracy yet inexpensive price, are those cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes etc long-awaited items for you?

DuRaRaRa Anri Sonohara Cosplay Costume_1

Today’s theme is DuRaRaRa Anri Sonohara cosplay costume, which is available on $70.43 in our cosplay store. To make you feel better, luxurious cotton is adopted to make this costume. Smooth texture can be seen on the cloth. It’s easy to be cleaned. Here, a shirt, coat, skirt and necktie are provided. Take a closer look, you do detect really desired similarity between the real costume and fictional manga look.

DuRaRaRa Anri Sonohara Cosplay Costume_2

International shipping is available here. We will ship out your order quickly anytime. So, once you are interested in Anri Sonohara cosplay, check out this costume here now. We offer regular sizes from S to XL and also Custom-Made size. All costumes will be made in our own apparel factory, 100% guaranteeing the quality. So, you also feel interested now? Go to our homepage to see all.

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New Arrival on Jan. 17 – Fate Stay Night Blue Saber Cosplay Costume

Cosplay fans, have you already finished the schedule for your 2012 cosplay plans? Believe it or not, you will be lucky since you find us. Here, an experienced group engaged in designing and manufacturing aims to ideally cater to all of your needs. For deluxe yet cheap cosplay costumes, wigs, shoes, Lolita clothes, Halloween costumes etc, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to now :P.

Fate Stay Night Blue Saber Cosplay Costume

This is the Fate Stay Night Blue Saber cosplay costume, sold on $79.83. Shop here, you will receive a costume that makes you look the same with Saber in a short time. Fast shipping is promised anytime. So is our customer service. This Saber costume includes a jacket, dress and pants. Since the manga style got a careful analysis before the cloth is cut off, the real cosplay costume is ensured to feature wonderful accuracy on each small detail. High-quality cotton was adopted to make the costume, making you look and also feel great on the coming show!

Fate Stay Night Blue Saber Cosplay Costume_1

Since taking what you consider into our account, we aim to make costumes for everybody. So, except regular size S, M, L and XL, we also offer custom-made service. Fill in the form while placing your order, we will make the costume to perfectly fit your body shape. We ship the costume worldwide. To realize your cosplay dream, without spending a small fortune, visit our cosplay store now.

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New Arrival on Jan. 16 – One Piece Luffy Cosplay Costume

Two Luffy costumes have been introduced to you before, including the green one and the blue one. Here, the red One Piece Luffy cosplay costume is reviewed. It’s available on $47.52. Due to ideal accuracy on each small detail and really desirable comfort, it’s a sought-after item in our store all the time. So, does Luffy cosplay also draw the attention from you?

One Piece Luffy Cosplay Costume

Like before, this One Piece costume, helping you vividly cosplay as Luffy, is also made from classy cotton. This cloth features a smooth look and supple hand feel. For sure, you won’t want a costume that makes you feel uncomfortable during the show. Since the costume is totally designed and made in our own clothing factory, its quality gets a better guarantee. Just as these real product photos imply, this Luffy costume includes a jacket and shorts. The style is simple. But in spite of this, 100% similarity is ensured on the costume. With it, you will feel the same with real Luffy, believe this or not :P.

One Piece Luffy Cosplay Costume1

Once you are interested in cosplay and have a plan in mind, we will realize your dream. We offer regular sizes from S to XL. But to make the costume fit everybody, we can customize the costume for you. While placing the order, you will be required to fill in your size information. We will make and ship the costume to you as soon as possible anytime. Now, check out the deluxe Luffy costume on $47.52 here?

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New Arrival on Jan. 12 – Naruto Yakushi Kabuto Cosplay Costume

You are a fan for cosplay? So, why not join in our contests to show your breathtaking works? We also operate a site, offering you a rich collection of deluxe yet cheap cosplay costumes, wigs and shoes. This is definitely a new arrival in January – Naruto Yakushi Kabuto Cosplay Costume. It’s sold on $88.85. Details can be seen below.

Naruto Yakushi Kabuto Cosplay Costume

First, let’s focus on the quality. Anytime, this will be cared by any buyer. At, luxurious cotton is used to make each costume. This cloth features smooth and clear texture. It feels supple and looks glossy. While washing it, you can use cold water and line it dry later directly. So, shop in our cosplay store, you won’t need to worry about the comfort anytime. This Naruto costume includes a shirt, jacket, trousers, sash and gloves. If you are fond of Yakushi Kabuto cosplay, you will find ideal accuracy is ensured on this costume. It will make you look the same with this fictional character :D!

Naruto Yakushi Kabuto Cosplay Costume 1

Except the reasonable price of $88.85, we also offer you fast shipping worldwide. Regular sizes from S to XL can be chosen. Also, to customize your costume is also supported. We offer you fast reply on any question via email, phone and chat online. To have a good time on the coming Naruto cosplay show, don’t be hesitant to check out this costume here!

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