Daily Cosplay – Strawberry Panic Hikari Konohana Cosplay

Strawberry Panic Hikari Konohana Cosplay

To seek for inspirations for your own cosplay performance, you will find what’s shared in our daily cosplay category is always helpful. We find excellent cosplayers here. Another breathtaking cosplay picture is found today. It refers to Strawberry Panic Hikari Konohana cosplay done by the Japanese girl – Akiyama-Moon! It seems like Hikari Konohana cosplay ideally fits her. Except flattering the body shape and decorating the skin tone, she shows us a vivid Hikari Konohana. Incomparable similarity is detected between her performance and the original manga character. A rich series of cosplay photos are displayed in her gallery, like Misa cosplay, Mikuru cosplay, Yoko cosplay, Chii cosplay, Alice cosplay, Mio cosplay, Anna cosplay, Yayoi cosplay etc. Why not pay a visit now?

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Daily Cosplay – Trinity Blood Astharoshe Asran Cosplay

Trinity Blood Astharoshe Asran Cosplay

Winning the j-fest in Moscow by this Trinity Blood Astharoshe Asran cosplay, this is MrGnob. She comes from Russia. Take a look at her Deviantart.com. It’s totally believed you will also feel the same astonished with me. Her Esther Blanchett cosplay is incredibly elegant and absolutely queen-like. Chii cosplay seems overwhelmingly feminine and sexy. Hizaki cosplay speaks for appealing mystery. Seldom have I found another cosplay talent who created so many breathtaking cosplay works like her. Each picture displayed here does feel like a gorgeous artwork. She is interested in cosplay, photography, etc. Here, her Astharoshe Asran cosplay is picked out. Nobody can deny the delicateness and luxury expressed by this photo. If permitted, we will introduce more about MrGnob. Just expect.

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Daily Cosplay – Dynasty Warriors Zhen Ji Cosplay

Dynasty Warriors Zhen Ji Cosplay

This is an absolutely gorgeous Dynasty Warriors Zhen Ji cosplay. The cartoon character gets vividly imitated. The costume and hair accessory make the cosplayer feel rather queen-like. She is known as Gattomannaro at Deviantart.com, coming from Italy. She loves cosplay, because she is able to be whoever she wants (in her words). She is most interested in the Guilty Gear series and Assassin’s Creed. To be honest, I feel totally fascinated about each picture displayed on her DA homepage. Her gallery deserves paying a visit, if you want to find some inspirations for your own cosplay performance!

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Daily Cosplay – Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Tomoe Mami Cosplay

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Tomoe Mami Cosplay

Italian girl, who is known as Valtica, did this Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Tomoe Mami cosplay. White shirt and yellow skirt ideally flatter her slim body shape and also makes her look vivid. Blond hair with the chic hair accessory makes her seem rather feminine & graceful. The props are vivid (do you also feel curious whether she did them by herself? Anyway, she does seem great here :D). Valtica is also a devotee for anime and cosplay. Besides, physics and astronomy draw her attention too. To know more about her, pay a visit to her DA site please.

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Daily Cosplay – Angelic Layer Suzuka Cosplay

Angelic Layer Suzuka Cosplay

You will always find creative cosplay ideas on this blog, since we continue to update stunning cosplay works here. Tokiwashojo’s Angelic Layer Suzuka cosplay is found today. This is a Philippine cosplay girl, who is also a kendoist, artist, photographer, anime fan girl, writer, marketing professional, etc. Gifted, right? I fall in love with the graceful & feminine Suzuka cosplay done by her. The black-and-red costume makes her seem rather sexy. Blue wig (or real hair) is a fantastic toner for her look. The hair accessory is a little large-sized, and absolutely vivid. It’s hard not to applaud for her performance. Do you also think so? To see more cosplay works done by her, just pay a visit to her gallery now.

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