Daily Cosplay – Nana Serizawa Reira Cosplay

Nana Serizawa Reira Cosplay

Like it or not, craze for cosplay has spread to many countries across the globe. This is definitely a cosplay devotee from Singapore. She is known as Mirafish at Deviantart.com – a graceful name, right? Above picture shows us her Nana Serizawa Reira cosplay. I especially love the name she did for her photo “your story, my song”. What also draws my attention is her cosplay performance. Except vividly doing the Serizawa Reira cosplay, she is actually suitable for this cosplay theme. The wine red hair ideally flatters her white complexion. Exquisite hair pin accents the cute sense. But both the costume and the black gloves do great emphasis on her femininity. I thumb up for her performance, how about you? Visit her gallery to see more stunning works.

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Daily Cosplay – Eureka Seven Anemone Cosplay

Eureka Seven Anemone Cosplay

Maybe, the bright colors on the picture drew my attention since the first glimpse. But it seems like a great decision to take a closer look. Never have I found another Eureka Seven Anemone cosplay better than this one. It’s done by the Australian cosplay talent – Kotanimomo at deviantart.com. A long list of plans is held by this cosplay devotee. Probably, you will also find one inspiring you on displayed on her site. In the gallery, cosplay works like Vocaloid cosplay, APH cosplay, Gurren Lagann cosplay, Code Geass cosplay, Evangelion cosplay, K-ON cosplay, etc are shown. Don’t be hesitant to pay a visit there. You will be delighted :P!

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Daily Cosplay – Trinity Blood Esther Blanchett Cosplay

Trinity Blood Esther Blanchett Cosplay

Has elegance already become another new theme on today’s cosplay? I don’t know but I just want to thumb up for this Trinity Blood Esther Blanchett cosplay done by the Italian girl, who is known as Neko-Neko-Cosplay (Elisa) at Deviantart.com. If paying a visit to her gallery, you must also fall in love with most cosplay works done by her. They express irresistible femininity and gorgeousness. Except this one, her Juletia Comphorth cosplay, Angel Sanctuary cosplay and especially the Le chevalier d’eon Lia de beau picture do touch the heartstrings. Go to her site to see more.

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Daily Cosplay – Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn Cosplay

Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn Cosplay

You also feel amazed while seeing this? Yes, it’s Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn cosplay done by a Brazilian girl. Bright colors on her costume and make-up do greatly accent her appeal. This cosplay talent is known as S-Lancaster (Sophia Lancaster) at deviantart.com. Loving games such as God of War, Castlevania and Prince of Persia, she has done many stunning cosplays. Visit her gallery to see all.

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Daily Cosplay – Vocaloid Kaito Cosplay

Vocaloid Kaito Cosplay

She is known as soujiro7keita at Deviantart.com. She loves cartoon characters like Gaara, Soujiro Seta, Orochimaru, L, Hajime Saito, Himura Kenshin, Gintoki Sakata and Kagura Yato. She is a devotee for anime, manga and cosplay. Pay a visit to her DA site, you may also be surprised to see so many wonderful cosplay photos there. But among all of them, I feel most fascinated about this one – the Vocaloid Kaito cosplay. Picture seen from this angle feels even more influential. The graceful make-up, especially the eye shadow and lip gloss, ideally accent her female properties. Except the vivid appearance, blue roses feel mysterious yet noble. To be inspired, why not pay a visit to her site now?

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